Casual Southern Style

White Eyelet Dress (3)

I wish cameras made you look half your size when they were in focus too haha. Apparently this is what happens when you accidentally drop your camera onto pavement. Ouch. Junk. Stomach Ache. Dat gum it. All are thoughts that have gone through my head this week. Ever since I dropped it, about half of the photos come out blurry (don’t worry if you are one of my photo clients, I’ve got a back up for upcoming shoots). Luckily, it does still work half the time, so I just have to shoot away and hope for the best!

This was the outfit I wore to my nephews Kindergarten graduation. It was so cute, and I had the silly songs in my head all weekend. “100 days of school, 100, 100 days of school…” So cute. Then I took two of my nieces and we headed out to the lake. Hope you’re Memorial Day weekend was as hot as ours. I left white as a ghost and came back as burnt as toast.


I’m loving nautical items this summer. This necklace is the perfect piece for me. It’s got a vintage-y, gold color chain and a mint and white anchor. I’ve been wearing it everywhere!White Eyelet Dress (4)Mint NecklaceAnchor Necklace

Dress: Ross
Belt: Target
Necklace: gift
Flip-Flops: American Eagle

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