Alabama Gold Camp


While my brother was in town last weekend, we all headed over to Cragford, an itty bitty town outside of Wedowee with the cutest main street that consist of three little shops and a post office. It used to be a gold town and the old gold camp is still open and running, so we went to try our hand at panning gold. I had pretty high expectations for myself, I just knew I was going to find that giant nugget, or some kind of rare gemstone.DSC_5338DSC_5337DSC_5399DSC_5405

They showed us how to pan the gold, and then while we waited, I took pictures of Sawyer looking cute on all kinds of old mining equipment.


look at those eyelashes!


We spent the rest of the day panning gold and shoveling dirt into this crazy machine that made a big mess and was supposed to guarantee success. With four men shoveling for two hours straight, and two people running the machine, I was sure we were gonna strike it rich. Two hours and a lot of sweaty boys later, we got to look at our gold. I would have taken a picture, but you’d be blinded by the amount of gold. Naw, the gold masters went home with two miniscule specks of gold that we couldn’t even get to suck up in the little gold sucker you’re supposed to use. Yea, I struck it rich haha. All in all though, we had a really fun time. The kids were so excited to play in the river and look for gold; it was definitely was one those experiences that you have to do at least once and say you did it!

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