Lazy Day

Our weekend was one of those laid-back, not much to do for me and Sawyer kind of weekends. We had a lazy Saturday and went to the park, Chickfila, and took lots of golf-cart rides. We’re headed to Florida to visit family this week. We’re so excited for the visit but not quite as excited for the drive! (11 hours! yikes!) Maybe I’ll do a post about tips for road trips with a baby, if we live, that is. Don’t forget if you haven’t entered the Carolina Clover giveaway to do it before it ends!

Southern Staples (3)Southern Staples (4)Southern Staples (1)Southern Staples (2)DSC_7860 - Copy

Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Undershirt: Buckle
Jeans: Jbrand
Shoes: American Eagle

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