I have a sunglasses complex. I own about twenty pairs, picked up at various stores, thrift shops, and accrued from people leaving them at my parents lake house. The problem is, I never wear them. Even if I need them, I forget them, or take them off the second I see someone. There’s something about sunglasses that makes such a statement and I guess it’s one I’m afraid to make! Yesterday, I bit the bullet, and wore these sunglasses that I picked up at the dollar store, for only a buck! If you have a dollar store by you (the green logo one), go get you some!

I wore this outfit to my nieces baptism yesterday, it was perfect and lovely, and it’s been so fun having family in town for the weekend. My sister has the sweetest little three week old baby I’ll have to share some pictures of, she is beautiful!

Modcloth Skirt (1)Modcloth Skirt (4)Modcloth Skirt (3)Modcloth Skirt (2)

Top: old
Skirt: Modcloth
Scarf: Charlotte Rousse
Shoes: Rack Room Shoes

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