Vintage Southern Style

I have spent the last four days sitting in the dark. While I was putting Sawyer to bed on Tuesday, he rolled over, accidentally hitting me in the face and one of his claws nails scratched my Cornea really badly. It has been painful, and my eye has been really sensitive to light, but finally today we escaped for a little outdoors time. I got the dress I’m wearing at my new favorite antique store. It has a little backroom full of pretty vintage pieces and the best part is, I got this dress for $5. Five dollars! No haggling, that was the price! Once I found out how cheap this one was, I grabbed all the dresses in my size, a few vintage slips for a buck each, and some cute kid clothes. I am feeling a bit selfish because I haven’t told anyone else where it is haha. I am loving keeping this gem to myself as long as I can haha! I’ll do more post with the other three dresses I got soon!

Vintage Dress (10)Vintage Dress (5)Vintage Dress (2)Vintage Dress (12)Vintage Dress (13)Vintage Dress (9)Vintage Dress (1)Vintage Dress (14)Vintage Dress (8)Vintage Dress (7)Vintage Dress (6)
Dress: Vintage
Boots: Target
Earrings: Vintage
Bracelet: Michaels

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  1. Love the dress! Is it the store in Wedowee? They had so many cute ones when we went, but I was super pregnant and couldn’t try any on.

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