Fall. Why do you always have to come? You bring colds, the lower the lakes in the fall, and it gets chilly! I wish summer could come back!

Another downfall of fall, is most of my wardrobe goes out of style. I tend to lean towards the pretty pastels of spring and the bright colors of summer. So when everyone is looking cute in their fall colors, I’m still trying to pull of white pants and a neon shirt, true story. And, because it stays warm here for so long, I can usually pull if off, but this year it has gotten cold so fast! I was really putting off finding my hoodies but finally broke one out this evening, only to be laughed at by a lady at the grocery who was from Maine and said it still feels like July to her here. Oh well haha

But I do love these pants, and coral is really a summer color, but I tried to pair it with some navy to tone it down a little and not stick out too bad haha.

Aztec Pants (3)Aztec Pants (1)Aztec Pants (2)

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Winsome Jones
Heels: Ross

3 comments on “Fall

  1. I wore the same color combo two days ago! Love the leggings.

    Don’t be so hard on fall-now you can walk outside and not start sweating!

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