Morning Exploring

DSC_8393summerThis morning I took Sawyer down to the creek where I spent all my time as a child. It was overgrown, but there were still remnants of the bridges we’d built and the paths we made all those years ago. He was a little young to navigate the woods, but had fun throwing rocks in the water and playing on logs just like we used to do. The weather here has been amazing for the past few days and we have been more then ready to get outside again. I want to take him back to the creek in a few months and see if we can catch a newt or a crawdad to show him. Having a son is so much more fun that I ever could have imagined, it’s like having a little buddy 24/7 and you get to see their excitement when do everything for the first time. I love being a mom of boys.

DSC_8412DSC_8409Toddler MoccasinsDSC_8381 (2)carnival

I love this outfit on Sawyer.

Shirt: Knuckleheads (no longer open)
Shorts: Children’s Place
Moccasins: c/o Threads and Arrows
Also featured here.

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