Toddler Boy and Mom Style

If Sawyer could just stay this size for a few months I would love it. He’s just so perfect and cute, and I am in love with this outfit he is wearing. I love putting him in moccasins and got the cutest Navajo print ones from Bens Favorite Things on Instagram (check them out!). It’s so hard to find boy clothes that are cute, and not covered in logos. This is the perfect toddler outfit to me.

We had the best Labor Day weekend at the lake, and I decided to go the entire weekend camera free, so no pictures, sorry! So many times when I have my camera I feel like I have  to take so many pictures and capture all the moments, and while it killed me a few times not to have it, it was so nice to just leave the phone and camera at home and get away for the weekend. We camped out on an island in the middle of a big lake in Alabama with Brandon’s family, it was so much fun. My parents and some of our friends were also out there this weekend so it was fun to see everybody and hop boats and spend time with so many people we love. Labor Day weekend always feels like a bitter sweet goodbye to summer for me.

Toddler Moccasins (1)Toddler Moccasins (2)Rocking ChairThrifted goodwillToddler Moccasins (4)Toddler Moccasins (3)Hooded Romper ToddlerToddler Moccasins Navajo


Romper: Old Navy
Navajo Moccasins: Ben’s Favorite Things (instagram) Etsy (here is a smiliar, equally cute pair)

Floral Blouse: Thrifted
Tank Top: Gifted
Pants: TJ Maxx
Belt: Urban Outfitters

More of my favorite toddler boy outfits featured here, and here.

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