Perfect Holiday Outfits For Your Littles

“This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

With the holidays coming up, it seems like I bring the camera out more and more. Family comes into town and you want to get those great pictures with cousins or Grandma, you see them celebrating all of their “first” holiday activities, and it’s finally cool enough to go outside (It’s still been 85 degrees everyday here!). There’s just a certain magic and fun to the holidays that reminds us to get out our cameras and preserve those memories so we can have them forever. Ford has been growing so fast and so we needed some new baby holiday clothes for him, and I have been looking for some playclothes that would double as adorable photo outfits.

I was able to check out Carter’s new arrivals for little guys, including their little boy pajamas, and found exactly what I was looking: stylish outfits that are baby-friendly. I love tiny shoes and flannels for winter and fall, and there’s not much cuter than a sleepy baby in Christmas pjs. We have already welcomed in the season of friends and family coming to visit; my cousin and his family stayed with us this last week, and we went on all kinds of adventures that were great for taking pictures and capturing the fun age that Ford is. We headed down to Senoia, GA, so they could see some film sets for movies and shows they are filming there and just take in the local scene. While they were walking around, my kids needed a little play break and I snapped a few quick pictures of him in one of his new outfits.DSC_8685

How cute is that outfit? I love that the jeans, and the whole outfit, as are comfy as they are cute, because goodness knows if he can’t play in it, I’m gonna hear it. Comfy clothes for the win, and they’re prices are great. While my cousin’s family was here, I took advantage of extra distractions running around the house and bit the bullet, and gave Ford his first big-boy hair cut.
Doesn’t he look adorable, especially in that bowtie! I love that Carter’s sells so many outfits in sets, like this one, so it’s take the guesswork out of finding coordinating clothes. I would have never thought to pair this bodysuit, army green pants and cute bowtie together, but look how adorable it is, that’s why they are my go-to. I love that his bow-tie and pants are festive and have greens and reds, but it’s still modern and pretty neutral. This outfit can definitely be worn year-round.

If you’re looking for great holiday pajamas and clothes, Carter’s is going to have awesome Black Friday deals, and their “Dash to Win” sweepstakes where the first 100 people to their Carters/OshKosh stores on Black Friday will all get promo cards to shop with. To help you get your holiday dressing on, Carter’s has made a great coupon for yall, and you can shop online or in-stores with it, below!

Burts Bees Summer Photoshoot


Here are the last group of photos from the Burts Bees Kids Summer Line that Sawyer modeled for back in March. How grown up does he look in that top picture? When did my baby become a kid??? We had so much fun going down there and being a part of the action and he had a great time modeling for them. You can check out the kids section on their website for more pictures from their summer collection, here are the direct links to the navy t-shirt he’s wearing, and the red shorts. The links for the outfits below are listed below the pictures.

I love, love, love the patriotic feel to their summer line! The Blue tie dye top on the left has a cute tie dye star on the back and red shorts are super comfy. Sawyer’s wearing the White and Blue striped tie dye top and blue shorts.



Tie dye top and shorts


Note: links are affiliate links which I make a small commission on. Just keeping it real and keeping you informed.

Sawyers Shoot with Burt’s Bees Baby

Today is the big drop date for Burt’s Bees Baby’s Summer clothing line and I can finally share the pictures of Sawyer modeling for them! We absolutely loved going down and shooting with them and he had a great time. Here are some of my favorites from his first set. We love Burt’s Bees Baby and my boys wear their clothes all the time so I love that he got to represent a brand we love so much!14_BurtsBeesBaby_15214_BurtsBeesBaby_17614_BurtsBeesBaby_11614_BurtsBeesBaby_22214_BurtsBeesBaby_175

Here’s a link to where you can buy the shorts. and the shorts. More to come!

Spring Break Packing

“This post is sponsored by OshKosh B’Gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

We are so excited to be taking the boys to the beach next week, and I have already been getting everything packed. This is both Ford and Rhett’s first times at the beach and Ford’s first time on an airplane. I always get a little anxious before traveling, especially with the kids since there is so much gear and clothing and diapers and such involved, and if you forget something important like diapers, you might just be stuck with a stinky kid on a plane for three hours. Even though our trip isn’t for a week or so, I’ve already been trying to get all the boys clothes washed and packed that way I have one less thing to worry about, and can focus on having fun. I thought I’d share some of my packing tips for Spring break with kids and I have something else super awesome to share at the end of the post!!.OshKosh (12)

1. Always take a swimsuit. It doesn’t matter if we’re traveling to Maryland in the middle of a blizzard, I take a swim suit. My mom always taught me that growing up, because you never know when you might get the chance to go swimming and you never want to miss it. Can you tell we’re water people?Toddler Boy Style

2. Coordinate, coordinate, coordinate. Have you ever seen one of those ads that has like five pieces of clothing that makes like ten outfits? That’s exactly how I try and pack for my kids. I stick to one color scheme and all of their pants/shorts and shirts should fit it. That way they can re-wear shirts with other shorts for a different outfit and if anything gets dirty, it can still be worn with something else. My four year old can grab any shirt and shorts out of his bag and they will match, no problem. Since my older two boys are so close in size that they often wear each others clothes, it’s nice when their clothes coordinate too in case someone runs out of something or gets it really messy. Being able to make lots of outfits out of less clothes means we can travel with a lot less bags. I also try to find one pair of shoes per person that work with every outfit and are appropriate for what we’ll be doing on our trip. For my boys I love little kids style buckle sandals like you can see below. They can be dressed up for nice dinners and weddings, but are casual enough for beach trips or playgrounds too. Here’s an example of some of what I’m packing for our beach trip, all of these awesome clothes are from OshKosh B’Gosh, one of my favorite go-to’s for styling my little guys. See how all of their clothes have the same color scheme and the shoes match every outfit? OshKosh makes it easy by carrying whole collections of clothing that all coordinate and having matching color schemes. It makes it so much easier for me to shop in one place and get it all!

toddler kids style spring break packing OshKosh (9)

3. Always bring (at least) one extra outfit. If your kids are anything like mine, food doesn’t always make it to their mouth, markers don’t always stay on their paper, and dirt attracts them like moths to a light. If our trip is short, just a few days, I only bring one extra outfit. If we are somewhere for a week or longer, I try to bring two, but only if space allows. If we are planning on being somewhere on a Sunday, I try and make one of the extra items a nicer outfit they can wear to church so we can go with whoever we are visiting. Bonus points if the church outfit can be dressed down for other days!OshKosh (11)OshKosh (4)

4. Light jackets are a must! Last summer we traveled to Arizona for a week. When I checked the weather, the highs were in the 90’s, so I didn’t worry about packing the boys any jackets. What I didn’t know is that Arizona is freezing in the mornings and we were up and going the next morning (thanks to a 3 hour time difference) at 4 a.m. and it was in the thirties. It was so cold that I had to keep the boys entertained in our hotel until it warmed up enough to be able to run to a store and buy them some jackets. Lesson learned- always take a jacket. It’s a good idea to take them on the plane too, since most airplanes get cold at cruising altitude.

 OshKosh (6)

5. Be Realistic. If your child really hates a certain shirt, don’t pack it. You want your vacation to be spent having fun, not arguing over an itchy shirt. My kids love to run and jump and play, so I try to make sure they can move and have fun in anything I pack. If they’re old enough, you can always let them help you pack- my kids love helping pick out their outfits! (Another reason #2 is such a good idea- so everything matches no matter what they pick!)

6. Be flexible. I almost always forget at least one thing when we’re traveling. It’s not very hard to find stores just about anywhere you go, or just use your momma powers to make do. I can promise your kids will still be stylin’ even with a little spot of dirt on their clothes.Spring Break Toddler Style

I hope those help your family to have the best Spring break vacation! We cannot wait to go to the beach and to see my guys playing and having fun in their OshKosh outfits. If you’re going to be heading somewhere for Spring Break or just need some cute Easter outfits, you have got to head to your closest OshKosh store; I can guarantee you will find a ton of cute outfits for your trip, and to help you get even more for your money, here is a coupon for 25% off of your $30+ purchase, or you can shop online and use the code “SPRING16″ and because I love ya, I’m giving away a $50 gift card to OshKosh so you can get an awesome Spring Break wardobe for your little one!

$50 Oshkosh B’Gosh Gift Card

OshKosh (1)OshKosh (2)DSC_5581 copy