Toddler Boy Haircuts

Lately when I take pictures for my style post, Sawyer wants his own little photoshoot after. He doesn’t do much posing and jumps around a lot, but he’s such a dang cutie. I cut his hair over the weekend, and it didn’t come out half bad. I knew when I married Brandon that I’d have to learn to cut guys hair. My mom had always cut my Dad and my brothers’ hair and Brandon’s hair grows at un-naturally fast speeds (why is it that guys always get the amazing hair genes?) and has to be pretty short all the time since he’s in the military. The first time I cut Brandon’s hair alone I made it about half way through, realized it looked horrible and I had no idea how to fix it, started crying, and then let him buzz it all off haha. Not my finest new wife moment. Thanks to YouTube and an insistent husband (he really wanted me to figure out how to do it myself since paying for a haircut every other week would be crazy expensive), I’ve got it down pretty well now and cut my boys hair too. I think I’ve gotten pretty darn good, but it helps that Sawyer’s hair is so curly that it hides my mistakes. Thanks Brandon, for being my test subject and being willing to go out in public with a lot of really awful haircuts for awhile and pretending you liked them 🙂 Toddler-Boy-StyleToddlerBoyHaircutToddler-Boy-Haircut

These pictures reminded me so much of this one I took of Sawyer last July. It’s one of my favorites of him. His hair has gotten so much curlier now, but I love the way it looked flipped up when he was little.

Toddler Boy Haircut

Sawyer’s outfit details-

Top photos: Black Gingham Button up- Target (old), similar / Khaki Pants / Flip flops

Bottom Photo: Chaps Gingham Button up / Shorts- hand-me-downs!

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  1. He is such a cutie! I’ve tried cutting my husbands hair three different times, and he always hates them and always wants to get his hair done by a professional instead… I just have to refine my skills on our innocent toddler and then maybe one day I’ll win my husband back. Unfortunately we all have pin straight hair, so every mistake shows!

  2. Sawyer is so cute and I love his curls. You are doing amazing on his haircuts as I never see him looking bad. Great job Stacey !

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