A Morning In Pajamas

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With the cold weather rolling in to Georgia this week, we’ve been spending a lot more time inside. I love spending our days in pajamas playing. As a kid, we got new Christmas pj’s every year and I want to carry on that tradition with my kids. I mean, these pjs are adorable, who could resist? I got their pajamas from Carter’s this year, and every year, actually. They are perfect for cartoon mornings and snuggly story times and Christmas pj’s make all our holiday pictures extra adorable. Our days are so crazy but go so fast I want to remember every little detail of when they were little so I documented our morning so when they’re grown up and gone I have something to look back and cry over haha

Carters Christmas Pajamas (1)7:00 a.m- The big boys are still fast asleep.

Carters Christmas Pajamas (2)8:00 a.m.- Boys start crawling out of their beds.

Carters Christmas Pajamas (5)Carters Christmas Pajamas (6)8:30 a.m- Sawyer is always the last one at the table. He’d rather play than eat and hates when I make him stay and finish his food while Rhett is playing.

Carters Pajamas (5)9:00 a.m.- We’ve been working on reading and Rhett loves when Sawyer reads to him. I love that they’ll sit and do this for hours. He’s memorized this book so he loves “reading” it.

Holiday OutfitsDSC_1891DSC_183910:00 a.m.- This is how we spend most of our days, playing with cars, trains and boxes in the living room.

Carters Pajamas (6)11:00 a.m.- I’ve been getting the boys in the holiday spirit by doing little things every few days. They loved doing Christmas poppers but refused to wear their crowns.

DSC_1897ceDSC_1960DSC_196912:00 p.m.- If Ford is doing tummy time, they can’t help but play with him. Sawyer will lay next to him and sing and Rhett copies everything Sawyer does. I have been so happy that they are so good with him.

DSC_18551:00 p.m.- The big boys go down for naps and it’s just me and this little guy. I’m pretty spoiled.

They were so cute in their PJ’s that I got some cute shots of them in front of the teepee all decorated for Christmas. I find them in there all the time, it’s their favorite place to play!

Carters Pajamas (2)Carters Pajamas (1)Carters Pajamas (3)DSC_1991Carters Pajamas (4)

We love Carter’s pajamas, they honestly are all my boys wear- they’re soft, they’re safe, they’re a great price. They are America’s favorite pajamas, and ours too and they run all the way up to size 12 so you can get all your kiddos matching Christmas pj’s at one place. You can shop all of Carter’s cute pajamas on their website here or at their store closest to you and you can click here to get a coupon for 20% off! They’ve got a great program running right now where you can donate pjs to a child in need too. Will your kiddos be in Christmas pj’s this year?

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