Gingerbread Pie Villages

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We started another fun holiday tradition at our house over the weekend, in our home we LOVE pie. So much so that for our wedding, we had pies instead of wedding cake, it’s that serious. Every year, we make gingerbread houses with the kids, but this year my husband upped the ante and thought of doing gingerbread villages on top of pies so over the weekend we got crafty and had so much fun making them. The kids helped decorate (and clean up any unwanted candy) and we had fun getting a little competitive about whose gingerbread roofs were going to be better.Gingerbread-village-on-pie

I could totally see having a party and making these and then eating them. Making it on a pie is not only cute, it taste amazing afterwards. Let’s be honest, no one ever eats their gingerbread houses, but if it’s on top of pie, it’s will be devoured (especially in our house).Pies supplies

If you want to make these at home, it’s simple and fun. Here’s what you’ll need:
Pies- we used Marie Callender’s® Cherry  Crunch Pie and Marie Callender’s® Southern Pecan Pie
4 Eggs
1 tbl spoon lemon juice
Powdered Sugar
Things to build your village- we used Shortbread cookies, graham crackers, licorice, m&m’s, sprinkles, gummi bears, sour patch kids, animal crackers, and snowman peeps.Holiday diy (2)

To make the icing that holds the houses together, take the 4 eggs and get rid of the yolks, you’ll only need the whites. Mix the egg whites and lemon juice with a mixer. Then, add in the powdered sugar, 1/4 cup at a time until the consistency resembles peanut butter. I then put it into 5 sandwich bags so everyone could have their own, just have a pair of scissors out so they can snip off the corner and decorate!

Holiday diy (4)

Make sure you cook your pies first, I used Marie Callender’s® frozen pies which were super easy to pick-up at Wal-Mart in the frozen food section.


Once the pies were ready and cooled, we went to town making our villages. I started with my houses, putting the bottom part together and then decorated some of the ground while the icing set. The icing takes about ten to fifteen minutes to set and then your houses should be really strong. Once the icing set, I put on my roofs and decorated more.

Gingerbread pie diy (7)Gingerbread village (1)

The final step I did was taking the Reddi-wip® and filling in anywhere you could see the pie so that it looked like snowfall.gingerbread ideas
Ta-da! So cute and Christmassy!

gingerbread house ideasGingerbread village (9)Gingerbread village (2)

Three houses with driveways, a pond, and caroling gummi-bears! Here’s my husband’s finished pie:Gingerbread village (7)Gingerbread village (8)

We had so much fun making them!  On the table I had also made cute signs for the decorationsGingerbread pie diy (2)Gingerbread pie diy (1)

These were super easy and fun to make. You only need a few supplies: cardstock, washi tape, glitter, and glue. You can start with your own words printed off, or download mine here and here. Cut the pages down the cut lines. Don’t worry about cutting off the cut lines, they’ll covered by the glitter.
Glitter Placecard diy (1)
Next, I folded them in half, and began covering the words with the washi tape and creating a design. Anywhere the washi tape covers will be white so I cut my down smaller so my design would have skinnier lines. I wanted a lot of glitter.Glitter Placecard diy (3)Glitter Placecard diy (4)Glitter Placecard diy (5)Glitter Placecard diy (6)

That’s what they looked like when they were ready for glitter. I used a piece of cardboard to spread glue on them and then in and then went to town with the glitter. I did all of it in a cookie sheet for easy clean up.

Glitter Placecard diy (7)

Once the glitter and glue was dry, I peeled off the washi tape for my finished product! Make sure you don’t take the tape off too early or it can mess up your paper or design.Holiday diy (5)

I thought they came out great and would be cute if you had a gingerbread pie decorating party. You could also make one and deliver it to someone. It’d be a really cute way to show someone you were thinking of them and encourage them to #pieitforward! Another fun idea is to give some one a basket with a pie, homemade icing and all the supplies so they can make a gingerbread pie village!

Check out Marie Callender’s website for more recipes and a coupon for the pies so you can get started making your own! There are some awesome things you could make on your pie- a nativity scene, a beach scene, a sky-scraper! I’d love to hear yalls gingerbread pie ideas!gingerbread house ideas

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  1. That is too much fun! I love pies too, and gingerbread houses…but I hate making the big houses because then my kids just want to look at them, and they sit around forever. These are so much better!

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