Sawyer’s Second Birthday


Yesterday was Sawyer’s second birthday. I know every Mom says this, but I cannot believe he’s two already. Year one seemed like forever, year two has flown by. He learned to walk, talk, sing, act silly, read some and so many other things. He is my little buddy who follows me around and wants to play non-stop. This terrible two’s thing has definitely not hit us yet (knock on wood), he is actually easier than he’s ever been right now, even with the new baby.

We spent the day running errands and going to the doctor for the baby, but I did get him a little cake to celebrate. Our little party of four was perfect.


I thought I’d get a quick picture before we cut the cake


but he seemed to recall his cake smashing from his first birthday

oh joy for target

at least now he shares

oh joy target

As you can see, it was quite the exciting party, haha. We really did have a good time just playing and eating cake though! Rhett spent most of his day just like this…


I think I may have gotten a sleepy baby this time!

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