(Last Minute) Lumberjack 1st Birthday Party

Poor Ford. He is totally getting the “third kid” treatment. I knew his birthday was coming, knew I should probably do something for it, but it wasn’t until two days before when I realized that if I didn’t use Amazon Prime to order things that day, that I would have to actually take my three rambunctious boys into a store, that I actually put something together. I’m not sure how actually “themed” this party can be called, but I was inspired by all the amazingly cute Lumberjack parties on Pinterest. Feel free to note the lack of decorations/games/silly printables and notice the most important thing- everyone’s happy. You can’t beat a birthday party that Mom didn’t break her back trying to plan and the kid is totally happy. He’s a baby anyways, all he cares about is that cupcake. Happy Birthday Ford!DSC_7000DSC_7074

He’s gotten so big! I can’t believe it and I see him every single day. Onto the food!


Thank goodness for Publix and their delicious always ready desserts. Once again, (if you’re interested), I got the bow-tie, the little trees, and the buffalo plaid pants all off of Amazon Prime just two days before.


I try not to brag on my kids much, but this kids adorable. Look at those eyes.



Can you tell he liked it? We had some Publix cake for everyone else, and presents for the little birthday boy.


Happy Birthday Ford!

All-American Party Ideas

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Can we officially say it’s summer yet? I don’t remember when the bonafide “first day of summer” is but once we start celebrating all the patriotic holidays and the temperature is above 95, I think it’s safe to say hello summer! One of my favorite things about summer is all of the outdoor parties and celebrations we get to go to. I thought it would be fun to share ideas for an All-American block party. We live on an awesome street who has tons of families and the block parties are always fun (one family owns an inflatable slides/moon bounce business so that really amps it up!). patriotic party

Red, white, and blue is a great color scheme for summer block parties. With Memorial Day and 4th of July kicking off the summer there are plenty of patriotic cups, plates, décor, etc at the stores. Even candy is made in those colors for the summer. Not only is it easy to find, most people already own a lot of things those colors so it makes it a breeze to find supplies you need without a run to the store. A lot of my décor were things that I already had around the house for decorating with. I used lots of patriotic flag pennants, red, white, and blue plates, and used some of the fun things for people to play with as décor too. Adding a few bottles of bubbles and some fun sunglasses to the food table added more color and interest to the food table as well as little signs, wheat bundles, and of course, flowers!Patriotic party (17)Patriotic party (7)Patriotic party (19)Patriotic party (50)

On the tables, I just used simple tablecloths and added a few cute red, white, and blue accents. Fresh flowers are a must-have for parties, which I surrounded with ceramic vases (also just a dollar!), lanterns, and lights. Simple yet cute! A great party hack is to use your tea light candle holders to put citronella candles in to ward off bugs!
Patriotic party (37)Patriotic party (2)Patriotic party (21)

See those stacking chairs? They were green and faded and dirty from fifteen years of use. My Mom was going to throw them away but they were in great shape structurally still so I took them, gave them a fresh coat of spray paint and now they’re like new!Patriotic party (22)

The sunglasses were one of the biggest hits of the party; I bought them for a buck each and by the end of the evening everybody was wearing them and getting in the party mood and taking pictures. Patriotic party (41)Patriotic party (40)

It’s most likely that you’re block party is going to be outside and you want to make sure that there’s shade somewhere for people to relax and cool off. You can plan to have your party in a shady area, round up some pop-up canopys, or have it on someone on the streets shaded porch.

Now let’s talk food! Block party’s are fun because it’s a laid-back, fun atmosphere. One great thing to take to block parties, or any kid of party, is a light side dish. I made this super easy Quinoa and Pepper Pilaf using truRoots Quinoa and Swanson’s Chicken Broth. Here’s my step by step and you can find the exact recipe here.

For this recipe you’ll need Swanson’s Chicken Broth, which is available in bulk packs at Sam’s Club, and truRoots Organic Quinoa, which I got at Sam’s Club too. You’ll also need fresh bell peppers, shallots, parsley, olive oil, and a little bit of garlic. DSC_7878

First, chop up your vegetables and heat up a skillet with a tablespoon of olive oil. DSC_7873

Add the shallot and garlic, and cook for two minutes, then add the peppers and quinoa and cook for two minutes. TruRoots Quinoa is certified USDA organic, gluten free, and super easy to make so it’s great for a big party like this!

Next, stir in the chicken broth and bring it to a boil. The Swanson’s broth really brings out the flavors and makes the truRoots extra delicious. Reduce the heat to low, cover it, and let it simmer for 20 minutes. DSC_7886
Once it’s done, garnish it with parsley and you’re done! This pilaf can be served hot or cold; I served it cold since it was so hot outside! Delicious!DSC_7971

My Sister-In-Law (who recently became a US citizen, so she was loving this patriotic party) made the cutest fruit kabobs that looked like an American flag. She alternated using blueberries, strawberries, and large marshmallows and it came out both delicious and cute! I was so impressed and everyone loved it!Patriotic party (4)Patriotic party (6)

We also had delicious chips and salsa using Pace’s organic salsa, which is delicious by the way! It’s the same as their original salsa, just organic, and it comes it medium, so it’s got just the right amount of kick!-DSC_0142

Hot dogs wrapped in cute scrapbook paper make for a really cute entrée-Patriotic party (29)DSC_7962

Corn on the cob-Patriotic party (12)

And for dessert, patriotic cupcakes, candy to snack on, and ice cream sandwiches dipped in red, white, and blue sprinkles!Patriotic party (51)Patriotic party (15)Patriotic party (60)

No All-American block party is complete without lots of lawn games. Adults love playing out door games just as much as kids do. I made up a game area with outdoor games for people to play with and set out a corn-hole board in the yard for a little fun competition. Having a place for all the fun outdoor toys makes it easy for people to find fun things to do and keeps the party going all evening! DSC_0174

I stocked the activity area with jump ropes, chalk, butterfly nets, binoculars, flags, bubbles, sparklers, pinwheels, games, wooden airplanes, and bags for corn hole.DSC_0123 copyPatriotic party (62)Patriotic party (46)

Corn hole is a great outdoor game for adults. Croquet, lawn darts, and frisbees are fun outdoor games for block parties too. I like games that you can just pick up and play at any minute. I put footballs, big balls, and soccer balls out too.Patriotic party (65)Patriotic party (64)

As it got darker, we broke out the glow sticks and sparklers. Who doesn’t love sparklers?Patriotic party (69)
Block parties are a super fun way to get to know your neighbors or spend time with friends and family and have a little summer fun. Sam’s Club is holding Summer Block party events in-club to help you get ideas and shop for your summer block party. Check with your local Sam’s Club to see when yours is, but until then you can gather ideas on their block party website! I got all my food supplies at my local Sam’s Club!IMG_20160615_153142



Easter Table Set-Up and DIY Mini Easter Baskets

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I’ve been getting everything all ready for Easter around here. Every year, we go to church, have a big dinner with lots of food and an Easter Egg hunt that all the adults join in on too. It is one of my favorite holiday celebrations we do all year. I’ve wanted to share with you my table décor and a fun d.i.y. I made for mini Easter baskets that I used as placecards on the table.


I’ve been loving everything moss for Easter this year and how cute are those miss-matched cloth napkins? Easter_Table_Decor (36)Easter_Table_Decor (42)Easter_Table_Decor (41)

Did you see the little baskets I used as place card holders? I made them myself, and they were super easy!

  Easter_Table_Decor (51)

Here’s how I put them together-

Brown floral vine
Brown floral tape
Fake flowers
Parchment Muffin/Cupcake Lotus cups
Loose Moss

That’s it! Well, a pair of scissors too. The first step is simple- take out the vine and wrap it around the top of a lotus cup in a circle. While pinching your finger there, go about six inches down and cut it off. Wrap the vine around itself to form a circle.Diy mini basket

Next, cut a seven inch piece of the vine, and bend one end about an inch and a half down around the circle you made and twist it around (see the picture below). Do the same on the other side to form a handle.


Next, take a few fake flowers, place them to the right side, and wrap the ends with the floral tape. Keep adding flowers and moving down the vine as you wrap. I added four or five to each basket, but you don’t have to add flowers or greenery if you don’t want to. Next, take a lotus cup and fold down the top edges until it’s all flat, more like a muffin cup. It’s okay if they stick out some, the moss you’re putting in will hold them down. DIY_Mini_Easter_Baskets (11)

Finally, slide the lotus cup into the little basket handle you made and add in some loose moss and top with little candies! Easter_Table_Decor (46)Easter_Table_Decor (50)

I typed our names into a word document, changed them to “Bakery” font in size 48 and shaped them to cute shapes with scissors. You don’t have to add placecards if you don’t want to. They would make a cute party favor or just a cute little treat at each plate, even without the names! For my baskets, I found all the candies I needed at Walmart. I got M&M’s® Easter Sundae (have you tried these? So good.), M&M’s® Milk Chocolate, a DOVE® Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny, a DOVE® Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny, Skittles®, Starburst® Jellybeans, and a M&M’s® Easter Tri Pack. I used the chocolate bunnies to decorate the table. I’ve seen so many pretty vintage photos with big chocolate bunnies on the table and the DOVE® ones Walmart had were perfect. The M&M’s® and Jellybeans were perfect for going in my mini Easter Baskets, and I have enough left to use in our Easter Baskets on Sunday too. Easter_Table_Decor (4)Easter_Table_Decor (5)

I love these little M&M® Tri-Packs. They are super cute colors and are made to fit perfect in Easter eggs. No more smashing bags into the eggs!
Easter_Table_Decor (12)Easter_Table_Decor (38)

I love the way the bunnies look on the table, I feel like they have such a time-less, classic feel. Easter_Table_Decor (31)Easter_Table_Decor (34)Easter_Table_Decor (35)Easter_Table_Decor (6)Easter_Table_Decor (18)Easter_Table_Decor (2)

I love these little bunny napkin holders. Easter_Table_Decor (15)Easter_Table_Decor (45)

I can’t wait to have people over and love sharing it with you all! I hope you get your fill of candy this Easter, and if you haven’t tried those M&M’s® Easter Sundae, you need to head to Walmart to grab some because they are only going to be out for a limited time and are only sold at Walmart! They’ve got all the candy I showed in one easy Easter aisle and more great options for Easter baskets! They’ve got a Mixed Brand Chocolate bag with SNICKERS®, M&M’s®, TWIX®, MILKY WAY®, and 3 Musketeers®, they’ve got Hubba Bubba®, Bubble Tape®, and Skittles® $1 Tubes! Those all remind me of awesome Easter’s past, and I love that they will be part of our Easter memories!  InStore

I hope these gave you some great ideas for Easter, but if you need more Easter basket inspiration or recipes to fill your table, head here! Happy Easter everyone!Easter_Table_Decor (49)

Fun Basketball Tournament Party Set-Up

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My brother-in-law has moved in with us and my living room has turned into a man cave during sports games. With all the big college basketball tournament starting up, I joined in on the fun and planned the ultimate basketball tournament watch party and made some amazing food including my Coca-Cola Meatballs that I share my recipe for down further and I show you how to turn your table into a basketball court. We had a lot of fun and I hope you’ll get some great ideas!
Basktball_Party_IdeasBasketball Party (58)Basketball Party (56)

For my set-up, I wanted it to have a classic basketball theme so I started by turning our table into a dining room court. I simply cleaned it well and then took 3/4” white electrical tape and made all the lines for a basketball court. I used an illustration from Google images for reference and if I messed up, it was easy to pull a little off and start over!basketball party table Basketball Party (1)

Electrical tape is stretchy so it wasn’t very hard to make all the curves, but I did use a plastic plate to help me get an even circle in the middle. I love that it looks like a worn out basketball court.

To go with the basketball court we made a basketball hoop to go on the wall out of old pallets. Brandon got an old pallet, took it apart, cut five of the boards down (our pallets boards were 1X4’s), and then simply nailed them into two of the extra 1X4’s that were left over. I painted a white rectangle on it for the sweet spot and then looped a basketball net onto an old embroidery hoop I had, off set it a little so that the screw mechanism on the hoop would be offset and then nailed it into the backboard. It was so easy and I love the look it added.Basketball Party (29)

For food I wanted to make a whole spread of things that were easy to grab and take back to the TV that way the guys wouldn’t miss a single minute of the game. For the main dish, I made these amazing Coca-Cola Meatballs. They were so easy to make and were the first thing gone, everyone loved them! Here’s how to make them for your party:

Coca Cola Meatballs

2 lbs. of Beef Meatballs (I used frozen to make party day easier prep, or you can make your own)
1/2 cup of brown sugar
1 can of Coca-Cola
1/2 cup of barbecue sauce
2 tbsps. of Grape Jam

First, put the meatballs into a pan. Pour in the brown sugar, Coca-Cola, barbecue sauce, and jam and stir. It will be hard to stir at first but try to get the meatballs a little wet on each side. Turn the burner on high until the mixture starts to boil (you can see that I am pouring it into a crock-pot here, I started making them in the crock-pot but then decided to make them on the stove. I’ll give the directions for the crock-pot too).Basketball Party (24)Basketball Party (25)

Once boiling, stir well, reduce heat to low and cover. Let it simmer for about 15 minutes and then remove from heat. Let the meatballs sit for about 10 minutes to allow the sauce to cool off and thicken on the balls. If you find that your sauce still isn’t thickening up, you can add flour and stir it in, a tablespoon at a time.
Basketball Party (32)
Serve with toothpicks so it’s easy to eat! For our party, I found these great toothpicks that looked like little cheerleader pom-poms. You can also make it in the cock-pot, just dump everything in, stir and let it cook for four hours on high, then turn it off and let it sit for an hour.

I wanted to make sure we had plenty of Coca-Cola products for the meatballs and for the guest to drink so I ran out to Sam’s Club the week before our party and picked up the 28 pack of Coca-Cola and a 24 pack of Sprites. I love being able to get everything I need in one place and get the soda in bulk so I can get it all at once.

We also had fruit kabobs with grapes, cheese balls to look like little basketballs, sliders, pizza bites, sweet potato fries, and oranges that I drew lines on to look like little basketballs!Basketball Party (36)Basketball Party (34)Basketball Party (38)Basketball Party (31)Basketball Party (30)

I also had cupcakes in my party colors for dessert! I stayed with blues and oranges since basketballs are orange and blue goes great with everything!

Basketball Party (35)

To help tie everything together I added a cute basketball garland that I made. I started with a simple string of felt circles that seem to be all over the place lately. Next, I took a sharpie and drew a straight line down the middle, and a line perpendicular to that one, using a straight-edge to make my lines pretty. Basketball Party (4)

Next I made two small half-circles to finish the basketball. Luckily for me, I had the perfect sized template near-by (Ford’s paci) but you could use a cup or cut a template out of cardboard to help you make smooth lines.

Basketball Party (29)basketball party decor flowers mason jar

I always love to have some kind of flowers or greenery on the table at parties. I slipped a wrist-band over a mason jar full of carnations for an easy, cute sports feel.

I also made some cute pom-poms to be décor and for people to cheer on their teams with. They were really easy to make from a roll of crepe paper you can find in the party section.

Pom Pom Diy

I loved the way they looked on the table and broke out some of my best cheer skills for the game too.Basketball Party (52)

We wanted to make brackets this year so we could follow along with the basketball tournament. I printed off extra brackets and had them on the table so that everyone could fill them out and join in on the fun. Basketball Party (33)Basketball Party (54)

I always enjoy a little friendly competition so I’ll definitely be checking in on how mine compares to everyone else’s through the season. I thought I’d share my brackets so yall could use them too! You can download the pdf and print them here.

The guys enjoyed some basketball and I had even set-up a mini basketball hoop so they could play during the commercial breaks. It was a lot of fun and made watching the game even more fun.Basketball Party (55)DSC_4028Basketball Party (57)

Will you be having a basketball party this year or are you making a bracket? This is the first year I’ve made one so I’ll be following along all season!

DIY Mini Teepees

Cute mini teepes

I work with the middle and high-school age girls in our church’s youth program and last week we had a night to kick off our year and welcome all the new girls, go over activities for the year, and just enjoy being around each other. Our theme for this year is “Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life” –2 Nephi 31:20. We went with a tribal/arrow theme for the night to carry through the “press forward” theme. One thing we made to decorate for the activity was these mini teepees to go on the tables. They were so easy to make and would be so cute on the table at a birthday party, in a nursery, or in a doll house. Sawyer even brought up the Kelly doll from when I was a kid and put her in one to hang out for awhile.

easy crafts for young womens mutual

So here’s how we put them together-

Supplies: Wooden Kabob Skewers, Scrap fabric, and twine. DIY Mini Teepees (16)

The first thing we did was cut the tips off of the skewers. You could leave them on if you like the way they look, but I liked the flat look more. Then take three skewers and hold them together at the top like a teepee. Now take your twine, and tie it in a knot around where the three kabobs meet. Then just wrap and wrap and wrap the twine around the top and around the skewers until the structure feels secure. Tie a knot and cut the twine.DIY Mini Teepees (15)

Next, take the scrap fabric, and you want to cut it into a trapezoid. I wish I had taken a picture of the fabric before I put it on, but here is basically the shape that I cut it to. Don’t worry about it being too precise, there’s plenty of room for error, but it’s a good idea to make a pattern out of an extra piece of scrap paper or fabric that you don’t care about. DIY Mini Teepees (14)DIY Mini Teepees (13)

Take your fabric, and fold the top edge down, wrap it around your teepee frame, and tie it with a piece of twine. Then you can tuck or trim any edges that look unruly or out of place and add little feathers, flowers, anything. So easy and fast to make and they are so cute. We made them in all different colors to add some pops of color to the table and represent the different parts of our theme.

DIY Mini Teepees (4)doll teepeecrafts teepeeDIY Mini Teepees (10)party teepee diy

I forgot to take any pictures at the actual activity, but luckily one of the other ladies shared a few of hers with me.IMG954161IMG954160