Easter Table Set-Up and DIY Mini Easter Baskets

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I’ve been getting everything all ready for Easter around here. Every year, we go to church, have a big dinner with lots of food and an Easter Egg hunt that all the adults join in on too. It is one of my favorite holiday celebrations we do all year. I’ve wanted to share with you my table décor and a fun d.i.y. I made for mini Easter baskets that I used as placecards on the table.


I’ve been loving everything moss for Easter this year and how cute are those miss-matched cloth napkins? Easter_Table_Decor (36)Easter_Table_Decor (42)Easter_Table_Decor (41)

Did you see the little baskets I used as place card holders? I made them myself, and they were super easy!

  Easter_Table_Decor (51)

Here’s how I put them together-

Brown floral vine
Brown floral tape
Fake flowers
Parchment Muffin/Cupcake Lotus cups
Loose Moss

That’s it! Well, a pair of scissors too. The first step is simple- take out the vine and wrap it around the top of a lotus cup in a circle. While pinching your finger there, go about six inches down and cut it off. Wrap the vine around itself to form a circle.Diy mini basket

Next, cut a seven inch piece of the vine, and bend one end about an inch and a half down around the circle you made and twist it around (see the picture below). Do the same on the other side to form a handle.


Next, take a few fake flowers, place them to the right side, and wrap the ends with the floral tape. Keep adding flowers and moving down the vine as you wrap. I added four or five to each basket, but you don’t have to add flowers or greenery if you don’t want to. Next, take a lotus cup and fold down the top edges until it’s all flat, more like a muffin cup. It’s okay if they stick out some, the moss you’re putting in will hold them down. DIY_Mini_Easter_Baskets (11)

Finally, slide the lotus cup into the little basket handle you made and add in some loose moss and top with little candies! Easter_Table_Decor (46)Easter_Table_Decor (50)

I typed our names into a word document, changed them to “Bakery” font in size 48 and shaped them to cute shapes with scissors. You don’t have to add placecards if you don’t want to. They would make a cute party favor or just a cute little treat at each plate, even without the names! For my baskets, I found all the candies I needed at Walmart. I got M&M’s® Easter Sundae (have you tried these? So good.), M&M’s® Milk Chocolate, a DOVE® Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny, a DOVE® Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny, Skittles®, Starburst® Jellybeans, and a M&M’s® Easter Tri Pack. I used the chocolate bunnies to decorate the table. I’ve seen so many pretty vintage photos with big chocolate bunnies on the table and the DOVE® ones Walmart had were perfect. The M&M’s® and Jellybeans were perfect for going in my mini Easter Baskets, and I have enough left to use in our Easter Baskets on Sunday too. Easter_Table_Decor (4)Easter_Table_Decor (5)

I love these little M&M® Tri-Packs. They are super cute colors and are made to fit perfect in Easter eggs. No more smashing bags into the eggs!
Easter_Table_Decor (12)Easter_Table_Decor (38)

I love the way the bunnies look on the table, I feel like they have such a time-less, classic feel. Easter_Table_Decor (31)Easter_Table_Decor (34)Easter_Table_Decor (35)Easter_Table_Decor (6)Easter_Table_Decor (18)Easter_Table_Decor (2)

I love these little bunny napkin holders. Easter_Table_Decor (15)Easter_Table_Decor (45)

I can’t wait to have people over and love sharing it with you all! I hope you get your fill of candy this Easter, and if you haven’t tried those M&M’s® Easter Sundae, you need to head to Walmart to grab some because they are only going to be out for a limited time and are only sold at Walmart! They’ve got all the candy I showed in one easy Easter aisle and more great options for Easter baskets! They’ve got a Mixed Brand Chocolate bag with SNICKERS®, M&M’s®, TWIX®, MILKY WAY®, and 3 Musketeers®, they’ve got Hubba Bubba®, Bubble Tape®, and Skittles® $1 Tubes! Those all remind me of awesome Easter’s past, and I love that they will be part of our Easter memories!  InStore

I hope these gave you some great ideas for Easter, but if you need more Easter basket inspiration or recipes to fill your table, head here! Happy Easter everyone!Easter_Table_Decor (49)

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