A Month

I haven’t post a new blog in a month. I didn’t mean to, it just kind of happened.

In the last month, we and most of our extended family has had the flu and an awful cold, Sawyer had the flu twice. Rhett has been to the E.R., Sawyer had to have an outpatient surgery; there have been ear infections and a run of thrush. Brandon’s sister and her family came to visit, as did two of my brother’s and their families and my sister and her family. We’ve gone to the lake three times, celebrated lots of people’s birthdays, celebrated the fourth of July, Brandon started a new job, I’ve gone back to doing photo shoots, Rhett has more than doubled his birth weight, and he went to his first concert.

I’ve missed blogging, but we have been busy busy just living and loving life.

Miracle Swaddler, babies, quilt, cousinsDSC_8288coDSC_7183coDSC_8258coDSC_8976iBaby quilt anchor nautical patchwork boyToddler Boy Style and HaircutSawyer’s shirt can be found here

DSC_0122 - Copy3DSC_9739

Hopefully July will bring more blog post from me!

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