15 Goals Before 30

When I was sixteen, I took a road trip with friends, to Lake Powell, Arizona. We had an awesome time and saw sights like I’d never seen before, and did things I’d never even dreamed of trying (cliff jumping, anyone?). The last night we were there, I sat on our hotel room balcony overlooking this huge, wide open sunset and knew I wanted to keep trying new things and having an awesome life. I had a lot of dreams in life, and decided to write down 18 goals I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 18.

bucket list(Going to the four corners has been a dream of mine since I read Baby Sitter’s Club as a kid, I checked it off last summer!)

I wrote my goal list, made it pretty, and taped it on the wall in my bedroom where I’d see it everyday. Some of the goals would take a lot of work, but were attainable, like saving $1000 or having a professional recording done of one of the songs I’d written, other goals on the list were adventurous, like take a road trip, and ride a Greyhound bus somewhere. When I turned 18 two years later, there were only two goals on that list that I didn’t accomplish. One was riding the Greyhound bus somewhere; my parents insisted it wasn’t safe for a teenage girl to go exploring the country alone on a bus (understandable), and the other was meeting my idol, Loretta Lynn (although I did come pretty darn close, once).

Lately I’d been feeling a little bit stuck in a rut, both creatively, and just in general, and so I decided to make myself a new list of goals. A list that I know I can be proud to look back on when I’m done and have great memories, and to feel like I’ve accomplished something. Kind of like a bucket list, but all before 30. I wanted to go big and do 30 before I’m 30, but decided to hone in one 15 bigger goals instead, ones that really challenge me to get outside myself and things I’ve always wanted to do! I’ll be posting and keeping you updated on my list as I try to hit my goals. So, here are my 15 before 30! Some may be pretty hard, but it will be so worth it. If you make your own goals list, share it with me, I want to see and get ideas so I can add any awesome goals y’all are trying for.


Not to bad of a list, I can’t wait to camp in a vintage trailer (I’ve been dreaming of buying one since I was a kid), and I’m excited to make a meal from the ground up, and I mean it. I want to grow the veggies and fruits, and have Brandon catch a fish, literally making the entire meal ourselves. I have no idea what fear I’ll conquer but I hope having that goal will push me to take chances and do things I might be afraid of. Life is too short to play everything too safe.

I’ll be sharing each of my goals as I make them (or attempt to) on instagram and facebook with the hashtag #goodgoals. Tag your accomplishments with #goodgoals too!

5 comments on “15 Goals Before 30

  1. What a great list! I had to smile at you wanting to explore the west. 🙂 I’m from Washington and love it out here, but I’ve always wanted to visit savannah. Have a great day, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi! What a great list, and an even better idea to have it posted somewhere. I had to smile at your #2 because I’m from Washington and have always wanted to visit Savannah…opposites attract I guess? Thanks for sharing.

    1. I hear Washington is BEAUTIFUL! That’s one of the places I had in mind when I put wanting to see the west coast! Savannah is gorgeous too, definitely worth a trip someday!

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