From Day To Night in Two Minutes

From day to night, and in between! I just got this top from Ruche, and have been wearing it all the time. Here I show how you can go from a daytime look to a night look in two minutes. The inspiration for this outfit came from the times I’ve been headed somewhere but am not sure of the dress, so I throw a skirt in the back seat just in case! I love outfits like this for traveling or flying too, it’s like getting two outfits but only packing one! Well, one and a half I guess…outfit details below! In each outfit I have on the same top and earrings.


It took me less than two minutes to change looks, and I did it all in the front seat of my car. Perfect for when you are out and can’t get home to change.

Daytime/Casual Look:
StyleBloggerTop: Ruche / Jeans: Modcloth / Shoes: Target (old) / Earrings: Forever21

In Between Look/ Dressy Casual

Georgia-BloggerTop: Ruche / Skirt: Modcloth (last worn here) / Shoes: Target (old) / Earrings: Forever21

Night-time/Dressy:ModclothTop: Ruche / Skirt: Modcloth (last worn here) / Shoes: Kohl’s (old) / Belt: Thrifted (similar) /  Earrings: Forever21

A sparkly belt, heels, and updo do a lot to dress up an outfit. Share with me your two (or three) in one looks on instagram, tag me @goodmorningloretta!


5 comments on “From Day To Night in Two Minutes

  1. I can’t even tell you how much I love this look! I checked Ruche for your shirt but couldn’t find it. If it was a recent buy, can you tell me its name?

    1. Thanks so much Emma! The skirt is actually from Modcloth, it’s called the “essential elegance skirt” in black. I love it! The link to it is below the pictures that it’s in 🙂

      1. I love the whole entire look! But I was wondering about the top. The skirt/pants link to the specific item, but the top just goes to Ruche’s website, which makes me think they’ve discontinued it?

        Keep posting. I love your blog. 🙂

        1. I just checked, and it’s not showing on their website anymore so they must have sold out, which is a bummer because I only bought it a couple weeks ago! If I set it get restocked I’ll let you know 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!!!

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