My First Haircut

Believe it or not, but I have never really cut my hair. Trim, yes, but anything more than an inch or two, scared me for some reason. (Well, there is one exception when I was seven and got lice and my mom cut three inches off my hair, but that’s an embarrassing story I like to pretend never happened). I worked as the receptionist in a hair salon for three years but never got the itch to cut it, or at least I never took it. My mom always told me that boys liked long hair, so I guess I was afraid to cut it, but ever since I saw Julia Roberts on Jimmy Fallon, I’ve wanted to cut mine. I guess deep down I hoped it would make me look like Julia Roberts? I wish! haha

This week while I was in Utah, I finally took the plunge and had my future sister-in-law take six inches off my hair, and I am in love! It feels light and spunky and I love it! I’m sure I’ll grow it long again sometime but my short (to me) hair is here to stay for at least a little bit. Details on the outfit are below, I’m loving this outfit since the dress is so easy to nurse out of and the cardigan gives it that folksy vibe I like so much. It’s too bad I can’t just come back to life as Janis Joplin, I wouldn’t be complaining.

Nursing Dress (7)Nursing Dress (1)Nursing Dress (2)

Nursing Dress: Queen Bee Maternity / Cardigan: Spool No.72 / Earrings: Forever21

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