Nashville Farmhouse Kitchen Inspiration

We are in the process of buying our first home and it seems to be all I can think about. Between finalizing paperwork and finally getting to decorate my own home (I can’t wait!), there is a lot going on. Now that we are only a few weeks from closing/moving in, I am trying to better refine my style and gather ideas for what I really want the overall feel of my home to be. I have no idea what the name for my style is, I like a mix of things, but I am so excited to actually get in and start figuring things out. I am really drawn to farmhouses, but really hate all of the roosters/paisley prints/bright reds and yellows that are sometimes found am them but am loving the way farmhouse mixes so well with the current industrial trend. I feel like Nashville is the perfect combination of those two things, (plus my obsession with country music), so wa-la, the Nashville farmhouse vision board that I want to pattern my kitchen after.

When I think about the kind of kitchen I want, I see lots of white and warm woods. I want it to be inviting and a place to gather. I figure I’m raising boys, so there will be a lot of time spent in the kitchen. Mix in some strong metals and a few floral prints inspired by the Grand Ole Opry and farm life and I can definitely see myself settling in!
(sources for all items are below)



Magnolia Farms Kitchen / Marshall Farmhouse Dining Table (I am so in love with this table) / Floral Knoll Tablecloth / Aqua Earthenware Bakeware / Ceramic Camping Mugs / Industrial Pendant Lamp / Metal Dining Chair / Framed Map of Nashville / Farmhouse Crates / Soda Shop Stool / Tin Cake Carrier / Maelle Muffin Tin / Framed Horse Drawing / Sunlit Farmhouse Kitchen

Some of these links are to affiliates in which I receive a small compensation for, but all picks are my own finds and I love them!

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