I am by no means Martha Stewart.

I’d love to be, but I’m also totally happy with my kids birthdays consisting of a homemade cake, a couple presents, and family and friends as company for the evening. Sawyer, however, has been to a few friends birthday parties now that were awesome and was totally expecting a big hoopdeda. I wanted him to be excited, so I bought a few decorations, let him pick out a piñata, and set it all up while he was out on a ride with my Mom. When he got home he was SO excited and was dying for all of his cousins to come over so we could celebrate. He had a great time and only mourned the loss of his piñata for a minute (he didn’t fully comprehend before hand that it would get destroyed, but the candy flying out made him forget the trauma haha). Rhett was a great first birthday baby and got lots of frosting on everything in his reach and then toddled around trying to get it on everyone while I cleaned him up. Note Sawyer’s pink cupcake with pink frosting and spray roses, he picked it out himself 🙂


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