I’m Ba-ack!

I know they say it’s against blogging rules to apologize for being gone awhile, but I feel like I’ve been gone FOREVER, and I missed you! So where in the world did I go? Well, just a few days after my last blog post back in February, my husband left on a 4+ month Army training. The same week, I found out (drumroll please…) that baby #3 was on the way! So with two little guys to keep me busy, no husband around to pawn chores off on, and the good old pregnancy morning sickness, something had to give, and for me, that meant basically cutting out anything not necessary for a little bit. I haven’t been on instagram in forever, barely check my facebook, and sometimes wonder why I own a phone, because I can never seem to find it haha. I’ve never been one to be attached to technology (as in, I still have a basic phone, not a smart phone), so I didn’t mind the break, but I did miss blogging, and I wanted to blog, but as any mom of little kids knows, life is busy, and with that new little one sapping all my energy, when I got a break, I took the chance to sleep! But now we’re half way through this training and I’ve we’ve well established our routines without daddy around and I’m finding time for myself again, and am so ready to jump feet first back into blogging! So, here’s a few pics to catch up on where we’ve been for two months!

DSC_4305 - Copy


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