Real Life

Sometimes I don’t know what to write about my kids without it sounding cheesy. I was looking at these pictures I took of the boys on our playground and trying to think of what words to put with them. “I spend all day with these two adorable boys!” “My little twins!” “Making the best of winter!” All true, but so forced sounding. Reality was, Sawyer wanted to go outside, and if it’s less than, say, 58 degrees outside, I dread leaving the house. Call me lame, but I am a summer person, through and through. Luckily, it warmed up in the afternoon enough for him to drag me out there with him and we had a great time. Nothing like needing a two year old to get outside yourself, right?DSC_8374DSC_8493DSC_8398DSC_8444

Look at those cheeks!

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