Berry Picking

One of my favorite things to do in the summer when the boys are up early is go berry picking. Notice that I said early. Not at noon. Not when it’s been 97 degrees here everyday for a week; I’m melting over here. There are tons of wild blackberries in the area around us. They’re a little smaller than farm ones, but just as good. We also have blueberry bushes in our backyard and this is the first year Sawyer has been old enough to understand when they are ripe, and he’ll bring me a couple every time he’s out playing. I made a blackberry/blueberry crisp last Sunday that was incredible and have made blueberry muffins with fresh blueberries a few times this week. If you haven’t had a homemade muffin with fresh blueberries, you have to find a u-pick farm and try it, they are incredible. We’ve been freezing our extras so we can have fresh muffins as long as we can!


Obviously Rhett enjoyed the blackberries

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  1. Oh man, I agree! Blueberry muffins, with fresh blueberries, are incredible… they make eating Betty Crocker muffin mixes the rest of the year so disappointing.

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