Second Trimester Maternity Style

These are a few months old, but I still wanted to share some shots I got of maternity outfits while in my second trimester. These are back when I was only 14 weeks and was still half in and half out of maternity clothes. I bought these pants online thinking that with the tie I could make them last further into pregnancy, but it turns out they aren’t stretchy at all so I wore them once and will have to save them for next spring! I do love them though. Forgive the rubber band on the wrist. I think it’s there in every single photo I take. Anybody else have a rubber band on their wrist constantly?DSC_4419DSC_4421

chambray top: TJ Maxx, similar  / white under shirt : down east / floral peony pants: forever 21 / necklace : stein mart

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