We headed to Arizona this week for a little fun in the sun and to pick up Brandon! I In retrospect, the four plus months went by pretty quick, I couldn’t believe he was already coming home. Which is saying something coming from a six month pregnant momma who has two littles already and has to go solo for four months. We loved getting to see him graduate and then we got a hotel for a night with a nice big pool and flew home the next day! Well, Brandon wasn’t quite so lucky, he had to drive his car home, so he got home two days later. Now we go into the next crazy week of our lives- a week long family reunion (fun) and at the same time getting the house ready for the appraisal (not so fun but necessary). Poor Brandon has been over there for about fourteen hours a day everyday since he got home, but none of that really matters. We are just so excited to be home owners soon and have a place of our own! DSC_1588DSC_1616DSC_1651DSC_1582DSC_1685coDSC_1716

and the best part is, we got to bring him home with us!

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