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When BumpStyle Box reached out to me about their maternity subscription boxes, I was so excited. So many great subscription boxes have come out for everything else, and I had no idea there were ones geared towards us pregnant ladies. They were nice enough to send me one to try out and I’m excited to share my experience with with you!

Signing up for BumpStyle Box was easy and fun. You basically fill out a little survey about what kind of clothes you like/prefer and your sizes. I was really happy to see when I got my box how well they listened to my preferences for how much skin showed as well as having a good feel for my personal style. I was also so happy to see that they took the time to consider that since I only have two months of pregnancy left, all of the clothes they sent can be worn after pregnancy and some of them even would be easy for nursing. Finding cute clothes to nurse out of is so hard, so I was really grateful that they took the time to think about that! My box also had a cute hand-written card that had great suggestions for what to pair items with.

My box arrived with four items, the first was this cute dress. I love that this isn’t something I would probably pick out at a store myself, but fell in love with it once it was on. It was adorable. That’s the fun of having a stylist send you something out of your comfort zone. This would be a great music festival dress, pregnant or not.
Perfect-Baby-Shower-Dressdress- Bumpstyle box / fringe booties- Spool No.72 

Next is this super cute auburn top. I’m in denial that fall is coming, but when it does, this top is the perfect color. It was really comfy on too, and has hidden buttons in the front for nursing. I love that is doesn’t scream nursing top or maternity top either. This could totally be a non-maternity shirt and it wouldn’t surprise me. It also gets bonus points for being super light-weight. Being pregnant in the summer this time around, I have refused to wear anything that not light weight or needs an undershirt. It’s way too hot to deal with all that.Fall-Maternity-StylePregnant-Style-Blogger

top- Bumpstyle Box / jeans: Forever21 / boots- Target (old but here are some almost identical ones)

The third item I received was a kimono. I love the flowi-ness and lacy trim. I lived in Kimonos over nursing tank tops after having my first two, so it’s something that can be worn pregnant, and then still get a lot of use afterwards, which I love.


kimono: Bumpstyle Box / tank top: Target / jeans: Forever21 / Flip-flops: Target / Headband: Forever 21

The last item in my box was so pretty it almost took my breath away. It has such pretty and intricate detailing. Once I had it on, I didn’t want take to it off. I felt like a total pregnant goddess, which at 30 weeks is a hard feeling to come by.Boho-Maternity-StyleBoho-Maternity-ClothesFillybooBeautiful-Maternity-Pictures

skirt: Bumpstyle Box / top: Forever21 (old) / bracelet: craft kit from Michaels

I had a great experience with BumpStyle Box and love what a personal touch they gave to my box and the time they took to cater my box towards me. If you are expecting, you should definitely give them a try!

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  1. Hi! I met you today at the Gerber party, but we didn’t get to chat much. I LOVE this maternity box—I totally wish I knew about it last year when I was pregnant!! And that second top: LOVE it!

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