Surviving Teething No Matter Where You Are

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Teething happens. Unfortunately for us, Rhett decided to cut all four of his molars while we were camping and a few weeks ago. As if camping isn’t uncomfortable enough, adding a fevering, sad baby into the mix made it even harder. No one in our tent got much sleep the first few days. Luckily, I had brought along some supplies just in case and we made it through with only one big melt down. Now we’ve made it through two kiddos getting full mouths of teeth, so I thought I’d share my favorite teething tricks with you.

1. Sleep- The thing most affected when my kids teeth is their sleep. They are tired, but they can’t sleep, and so if they want to nap at weird times or fall asleep in the car, I just go with it. It’s far worse having a baby who gets overtired than one who got off-schedule. Bonus points if you can nap when they do, because chances are, if baby’s waking up at night, it means you are too.teething truths infants' advilRhett passed out asleep on the boat one afternoon, so we just went with it!

2. Infants’ Advil- Nobody wants to see their baby in pain and the fastest way I’ve found to relieve that pain is Infants’ Advil. Before you give it, it’s important to read the directions and labels completely to make sure that Infants’ Advil® is safe for your baby and that if it is, you give them the correct dosage. Luckily Rhett not only can have Infants’ Advil®, he loves the taste of it. He is always trying to suck more out when the dose is gone.


Infants’ Advil® Concentrated Drops are alcohol-free and come equipped with a syringe for easy dosing. Once it kicks in, his fever is down and he is so much happier. This is probably my number one must-have for teething. While we were camping, I was so glad I had bought some at Walgreens and brought it along because the difference between before and after was amazing. We were able to have our smiling boy back and have a good time.Instababy teething medicine campingI even keep some in my car so I always have some on hand just in case.

3. Popsicles- Teething always makes my kiddos run fevers, and they constantly want to chew one everything in sight. I try and keep some kind of frozen treat on hand so that they can get some relief from the fever and pain.  Some moms refrigerate bananas or baby food for them to chew on, I usually stick with whatever kind of icy treat is at the store that they can eat. Anything that will keep them from chewing on me.

4. Teething toys- Like I said before, teething babies big everything trying to relieve the pressure on the gums. Chewing on teething toys really helped my boys when they were teething and I think the pressure of rubbing their gums on the toy also helped the teeth cut through faster. Teething toys are especially great for in the car, where they can just sit and gnaw away.

Those four tips have gotten us through two whole mouths of baby teeth with minimal crying. We even got to enjoy our camping trip with Rhett cutting molars (the hardest teeth to cut!). If you’ve got a baby who will be teething soon, I recommend you have some of these supplies on hand before hand. There’s even an awesome coupon for the Infants’ Advil on their website. What do you keep on hand for your teething little ones?

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