36 Weeks

36-weeksRemember how last week I was talking about how easy this pregnancy has been? Well, I didn’t knock on wood and now I guess I’m paying for it. Monday we were out of town and I had some of the worst pre-term labor I’ve ever had. At first I was so sure it would go away, but by the time I decided I needed to get to the hospital, it took us forever getting home and right when we got home, it stopped. It was awful though, like give me the epidural awful. My body was so sore and tired the next day and I’ve been having a lot of contractions since, but nothing to worry about. The only other “end of pregnancy” sign that I’m getting is the bloated face. I knew it would be inevitable, even though I hoped I wouldn’t get it, but my face has gotten so puffy. I guess I should just be grateful that it held off until this long. I haven’t been feeling very “ready” for this baby to come, but now I’m getting tired enough of being pregnant that I feel ready haha. Outfit details below!


cardigan: forever21 (though I saw the same one on Groopdealz the other day / maxi skirt: Target (similar) / tank top: Buckle / necklace: Forever21

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