While we’ve always been a water sports kind of family (my husband and I both grew up spending summers at the lake), we hadn’t had the chance to try out Kayaking until this summer when my parents were given four kayaks. It’s been a really fun way to get out on the water really fast and just play and relax, even though it can be a workout sometimes. Sawyer may have taken to it more than any of us; he begs to go on the kayaks as soon as we get to the lake; he LOVES it. Now that Brandon’s back and can stay with Rhett (who doesn’t last more than two minutes in the kayak before jumping overboard), I’ve gotten to go exploring a lot with my little buddy and really started enjoying it myself. I don’t think I’ll be whitewater kayaking anytime soon, but we’ve loved it so far! Here’s some shots during some of our exploring, and even a shot of me 36 weeks pregnant in a swimsuit. Just thought I’d warn you in case you don’t want to scroll that far 😉 Toddler-KayakingToddler-KayakWedowee-KayakKayaking-Pregnant

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  1. We love kayaking! We grew up doing it all the time in the summer when we went camping with our friends, and I just bought my dad a kayak this year for father’s day! It’s so fun!

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