PinchMe Box

If you don’t know this about me, I love mail. Even when bills come, it just makes me happy to find something in the mailbox, so when it’s something cute and full of fun products, it makes me really happy.

Last month I signed up for PinchMe, a totally free website where they send you fill out a survey and they send you a box full of awesome samples geared towards you and your family and just ask that you let them know what you thought of them in return.


When I got my first box, I was so excited just to see how bright and happy it was, but when I opened it, I was so surprised to see it stuffed with awesome samples ranging from diapers to toilet bowl cleaner to snacks. My boys were super excited when they saw the bubble bath samples. I tore into those Nut Exactly’s right away and let me tell you, they were the bomb.


So if you like fun mail and free samples of great products, visit PinchMe and get all signed up! If you don’t like fun mail and free samples, then I’m not sure we should be friends.

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