Baby’s First Halloween

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Where we live, Halloween is big. The stores all decorate, everyone’s home looks like a graveyard, and on Halloween night, you can’t drive anywhere because of all the little ghost and princesses running around on the streets. What makes Halloween extra unique here is that we all go on golf-carts. I don’t think I’ve talked much about the town we live in, but it has more golf-cart paths than any city America, and for a lot of people, it’s their only mode of transport. I’ve always loved it, but my kids love it even more because it means they only have to get in their car seats about once a week, if that. We only drive the truck if we’re going somewhere outside our town, everything else is golf-cart accessible.

What the golf-cart means for our Halloween is that we stay out for hours, trick-or-treating and stopping by family’s houses around town and this year we’ll have an adorable snuggly little newborn to dress up and keep warm while we’re out late. I’ve been so excited to find some adorable little things for his first Halloween.Babies-First-Halloween-Costume

I haven’t really needed to shop for this baby since we have all the boys old clothes, so I took advantage of not having anything “1st Halloween” related and went to Babies “R” Us where I knew they’d have anything I wanted. Here’s everything I got to make sure his first Halloween is the cutest.

Babies-First-Halloween (5)Babies-R-Us-One-Stop-Shop

Wipes- The first thing I grabbed while looking around was Huggies Clutch and Clean wipes. I love how cute and convenient they are. The baby will need them, and the older boys will probably have to be wiped off at some point too. Half the fun of Halloween is digging into your treat bag while riding to the next house. I also picked up some Huggies diapers for the baby and Huggies Little Movers Diapers for Rhett. We’ll have two kids in diapers at Halloween- that’s scary right there. Good thing these wipes containers are refillable

Babies-First-Halloween (3)

Halloween Outfit- It’s so hard to find costumes in tiny sizes, especially ones that are warm but Babies “R” Us had this sweet little fox outfit that I think is perfect. I love the matching foxes on the pants and hat.

Blanket- I grabbed this adorable blanket to keep him warm on the golf-cart. It can range anywhere from 50 degrees to 80 degrees here at Halloween, you never know, but it’s usually pretty chilly riding on the golf-cart. This super-soft blanket will keep him warm snuggled up on me.Babies-First-Halloween (2)

Fox toy- So cute to match his costume and something to play with while we’re at houses visiting family or to distract him from any really scary houses we go by. Some of the people have really loud sound systems turned up with spooky music.

Pacis- I always keep paci’s on hand for calming baby down if they get riled up. You can never have too many.

Story book- I love this little story book with all the fall colors. It will be something we can remember was from his first Halloween and he can enjoy growing up. It has all kinds of flaps and fun things to do. Sawyer has already been looking at it a lot, it will be a great book for him to read to his baby brother and a good, calm way for them to spend time together.

My 1st Halloween Bib- I always get my babies something that says “My 1st” for whatever holiday it is. I loved this little Halloween bib!Babies-First-Halloween (6)

I had so much fun shopping at Babies “R” Us for some new things for this little guy and can’t wait to drive him around with us trick-or-treating on Halloween this year! Mommas- what are your kids being for Halloween? Do you have any fun or unique traditions? (like trick-or-treating on the golf-cart?)

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