The 10 Things You Don’t Want To Forget to Buy Before Having A Baby

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When prepping for a new one, it’s so fun to get all of the cute onesies, the nursery décor, and tiny socks but there are some lifesavers that can be so easy to overlook. You are going to want to have these somewhere at home before baby comes home from the hospital because when it’s three a.m. and you can’t get that unhappy baby back to sleep and need one of these items,  you’ll be so grateful you had them. Ain’t no body got time for running to the store when there’s a screaming little one. We’re about to bring home baby #3 and I’ve got all these items stocked up. Some of them are new so it’s worth checking out even if you aren’t a first time mom (plus, who couldn’t use a refresher!), the Little Remedies® Advanced Colic Releif is a new product that just came out at Target! My husband was glad we already had in them in the house with the second one because those “hurry up and go get such-and-such!” runs to the store were never fast enough for me haha. Trust me, you’re going to want these super useful items around.Pinterest

1. A Sound Machine- I totally used to think people were silly for spending a bunch of money on a sound machine, but it is so worth it. You have no idea how loud just walking around your house or doing dishes is until there is a very light sleeping little newborn in the house. Your husband and kids will thank you for getting one too so they don’t have to tip toe every time the baby is asleep. Plus, when you go on vacation, if you bring it along, your babe will be used to the sound and feel more at home which means more sleep for everyone.


2. Little Remedies® Advanced Colic Relief Drops– Obviously not everyone’s baby has colic, but you have no way of knowing, and it’s better to be prepared than be walking that baby for hours and have nothing to even try to calm them down. With my first, we endured seven months of colic. That’s right, seven months. Products like this and the next one were life savers for us in giving baby even a little bit of relief from the pain he was feeling. Even babies who just fuss a lot can benefit from these. This is a brand new product that is a safe, herbal blend that you can feel okay with giving even a newborn. Giving babies any kind of medicine makes me cautious, but these aren’t a medicine, they’re a dietary supplement with no dyes or flavors to help baby stop crying. Less crying for baby = happier mom. Nuff said. We grabbed some of these and the next item at Target to make sure we had them on hand when baby #3 is born.Little-Remedies

3. Little Remedies® Gas Drops- Most moms I know use these at some point when their baby is little. Maybe one day you eat too much broccoli and it gives baby horrible gas (new moms- did you know that’s a thing?? It’s true!) or maybe he is just really having trouble passing a gas bubble. Gas drops work in minutes to relieve that pain. I’ve seen formula feeding moms put them straight into the bottle to help get rid of bubbles and you could see it working right there in the bottle, settling all the foamy milk. Definitely have these on hand because it’s so sad to see your little baby straining and crying in pain from gas.

4. Bigger sizes of baby clothes- A lot of people focus on stocking up on newborn and 0-3 month baby clothes, but the reality is, most babies are way out of that size by the time they reach three months. My boys have both been in 6-9 month clothes or bigger at three months. Definitely have some bigger size clothes on hand because one day their pjs will fit, and the next day they don’t! Most new mamas aren’t ready to go out for big shopping trips on a whim with their newborn, so have at least a few things around in case your little one grows like a weed!923666_463236307154476_1391806425_npoint in proof- that’s my son on the left next to my best friends daughter who is only two weeks younger. They grow a lot in two weeks! (disclaimer, Rhett was a very tall baby, but still!)

5. Formula- Even if you are a nursing mom, I recommend having just a little bit of formula stashed somewhere. I nursed both of my first two, but there were nights at the beginning when after an hour of trying to get them to latch unsuccessfully and the baby got so worked up that he wouldn’t even try, I was really glad we had some formula on hand to calm him down and get him full so we could all get some rest and try again. Missing one nursing session every now and then won’t kill your supply and you can always pump if you’re really worried about it. Tip: Some companies have nipples included in their nursette size bottles, some don’t. Make sure you read the box so you aren’t stuck with a bottle and no nipple.DSC_5635

6. Pacis- These things are like little life savers. You’ll lose/drop/go through a million of them so have a nice supply on hand that way you’re never left without one when you need it. I like to even a couple kinds that way if they won’t take one kind, I can try a different brand.

7. Diapers- It’s a good idea to have the next size up of diapers already on hand, even if you think your baby is too small for them. I didn’t realize my first one was too big for the size he was in at one point until he kept pee-ing out of them. Sometimes they still fit, but your kiddo just needs more absorbency.

8. Wipes- You can never have enough of these on hand. Keep an extra pack in the car or at Grandma and Grandpa’s house if you go there a lot. Poop isn’t something you want to run out of supplies for.

9. Nipple Balm- Nursing hurts. Nursing is hard. You should still do it if you want to, and if you can. Treat yourself well, and have some kind of nursing balm on hand. I thought I was tough and wouldn’t need it, but once I tried it it made a world of difference and helped me to heal a lot faster than if I’d just kept enduring the pain with nothing to help.

10. Diaper Rash Crème- Babies have sensitive bums, and they react to what you eat if you’re nursing. Some foods can cause diaper rash, and a lot of pain for baby. The faster you get some crème on that tushy, the faster it will heal and the happier baby will be. You don’t want to wait until you can get to the store to relieve pain.

I hope this list helps, and if you find yourself like me, with a colic-y baby, be sure to check out the Little Remedies® page where they have videos, free samples, and even a chance to win a visit from the Little Remedies® Rescue Team. I think all new mommas could probably use a rescue at some point! Target is also be running some great deals on the Little Remedies® products this month. There is a cartwheel offer for the Colic Relief Drops (found in the baby aisle) for 20% off from 9/13-10/17. Also from September 27th-October 17th you can get a $5 Target gift card when you buy 2 bottles of Little Remedies® Gas Drops or their Gripe Water which can be found in the digestive aisle. That’s a great opportunity to stock up!Colic-Releif

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  1. I love your collection! We just brought home our 4th baby 2 weeks ago, and let me tell you I loved that I had all of these already at home. Cause you are so right, I do NOT feel like going out to the store now. I’m so glad I had the Little Remedies already at home. The Gas Drops and Advanced Colic Relief drops have been such a life saver these last 2 weeks! #client

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