Halloween 2015

The Halloween where my boys are first able to really run around and get candy is one of my favorite memories. Sawyer’s first year he tried to walk into everyone’s houses and walk around. He didn’t care much about the candy, he was just excited to knock on doors and try and go in. Rhett on the other hand, figured out the candy part really fast and even though he was getting so tired, he wouldn’t let us keep him on the golf cart while Sawyer went to any doors alone. He’d jump off my lap and was right there beside him, every time.

We went to our church congregations Trunk or Treat the week before Halloween, and little Mr. Nacho Libre was one of the costume contest winners. With that hair he could either be Nacho Libre or a Golden Girl, so we went with the manlier of the two. (The costume was super easy too, two pairs of leggings from Target, cut one into shorts and throw on a cape we already had. I love costumes that don’t come out of a bag!) Sawyer really really wanted to be Marshall from Paw Patrol, so he got his wish, and Ford was little Baby Elvis one night and will have to wear the fox outfit (shown in this post) later since he wasn’t quite big enough for it yet.
Nacho-Libre-baby-costumeBaby-ElvisMarshall-costume-paw-patrolDSC_7970 - CopyKiddos

We had a lot of fun and I saved my children from eating too much candy by eating most of it myself. Nursing moms need extra calories, ya know? Happy Halloween!

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  1. For our office Halloween party this year, I was Cruella de Vil. Afterwards, a number of kids came around our spaces to trick or treat. Well the little boy who came dressed as a dalmatian (just like your guy!) was NOT a fan of me, haha :). And a little girl dressed as a bunny was also petrified, even telling me to “not smoke” (because Cruella carries that cigarette holder). I don’t like to scare little kids but that was classic.

    Your boys looked adorable! Hope they enjoyed themselves.

    PS- Found you through a recent So Fab thread from 11/10. Beautiful blog!

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