A Weeks Worth of Lean Cuisine Meals

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Back in high school and college, I was walking a long way to and from my classroom buildings and taking dance classes most days through-out the week. I was in the best shape of my life and could have eaten as much of whatever food I wanted and still looked good- and I did (eat whatever I wanted that is, not look good haha). After getting married, and then being pregnant and having Sawyer, I was eating the same as I did in college, but wasn’t nearly as active as I had been, and it showed. I needed to get healthier, and make a change.

I went to Florida on a visit and my Grandmother eats Lean Cuisine’s every day for lunch. I tried one of hers, loved it, and have been eating them ever since. They have been a great, easy way for me to control my portions for meals. I eat them almost every day for lunch, and sometimes my boys eat them too. We love love love us some Lean Cuisine. I thought I’d share with y’all what I pair with my Lean Cuisine meals everyday for a week’s worth of Lean Cuisine lunches.



While I was on my weekly Target run, I grabbed five of Lean Cuisine®’s Marketplace Meals. Target likes healthy food and so do I! I love that they have so many varieties because goodness knows, especially when I’m pregnant, I get in the mood for so many different kinds of foods and don’t want anything else. All of their meal options are good for you, and offer options that are protein packed, gluten-free, and ones that have organic ingredient options. With three little kids, it can be really tempting to just eat junk food that’s around, but Lean Cuisines are so easy and quick to make that I have no trouble eating healthy and I love to pair them with a few light sides to make my meal a little fuller.

Day 1-Lean Cuisine® Marketplace Tortilla Crusted FishLean-Cuisine-Crusted-Fish

This fish and rice are so good. It’s lightweight, super easy to make and even my boys love it. I made up a small salad with avocado ranch dressing to go along with it and it was the perfect sized lunch.

Day 2-Lean Cuisine® Marketplace Vermont White Cheddar Mac & CheeseLean-Cuisine-Mac-and-Cheese

This is one of my favorite go-to lunches during the week. Organic ingredient options in the mac and cheese, and it is SO good. Add some steamed broccoli and a few barbecue kettle chips- perfect lunch.

Day 3- Lean Cuisine® Marketplace Chicken with Almonds  Lean-Cuisine-Chicken-Almonds

This really is such a filling meal all on it’s own, but I’ve been trying to eat fruits and veggies with every meal, and so I like to add some pineapple, but the broccoli in the meal is the perfect veggie serving for my lunch portions. I had a few caramel rice cakes this day too, some days I just need a little treat at lunch time (like when the kids don’t sleep)!

Day 4-Lean Cuisine® Marketplace Cheese & Bean Enchilada Verde Lean-Cuisine-Enchaladas

Mexican food has been my jam lately. A little avocado and sour cream on the side of this enchilada and rice was perfect. That cheese and bean enchilada is seriously so good, I could eat two, but then again that would defeat the whole portion control thing…

Day 5- Lean Cuisine® Marketplace Spicy Mexican Beans and Rice  Lean-Cuisine-Rice-and-Beans

Once again, you might think a microwavable meal can’t deliver for Mexican food, but it totally does. I’ve been having the beans and rice at least once a week lately. Add some fresh avocado and tortilla chips and it’s like being out for lunch. I like skipping the silverware sometimes and just using my chips to eat the rice and beans.

Lean Cuisines really are good, and they’ll continue to be my go-to for quick, easy lunch. I never have much time to focus on myself so it makes it possible for me to have portion sized, healthy foods. For a limited time, Target is have a great sale on them, each Lean Cuisine is just $2 and there will be a $1 off 5 coupon available starting January 3rd. Lean Cuisine has also started an awesome website with a community where you can earn rewards, you can check it out here! Have you tried out their community before?Lean cuisine meals

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  1. A few years ago my husband worked the 3pm-12am shift and our son wasn’t even really eating dinner yet, so I lived off of lean cuisine meals for 6 months every night for dinner. We saved a TON on our grocery budget… and I didn’t have to actually cook dinner. Sometimes I think those six months were the best of my life.

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