A New Year!

Between my laptop breaking, trying to work on tons of house projects (key word is trying), and having three kids three and under, I haven’t been able to blog lately and I have been missing it! So here are some glimpses of life lately-DSC_9480DSC_9451Christmas was the best, the boys were so happy and we got to spend time with so much family over the holidays.DSC_9459

I took the first couple of months in our house just getting a feel for the space and had all of our décor piled up under the stairs. I’m trying to get at least one thing out per day and put it somewhere, even if I change it later. I tend to decorate and then re-arrange, a LOT. Fixer Upper DecorHorse Head Statue

This horse is my new best friend, Dolly. She knows all my deepest secrets and makes me happy when I see her. It also makes me happy when Rhett points at her and moo’s like she’s a cow.

We spent New Year’s at my parents lake property. I didn’t get any pictures, but we did a lot of muddy four-wheeling and hid in the lake house while my brother’s family had an awesome bonfire. As lame as it might sound, it’s been really good for Sawyer to learn that he can’t do everything other kids can do because of his allergy to smoke. It’s made it a lot easier to teach him that we don’t say some words that other kids at the park say or don’t always do things other people are allowed to do. DSC_2092

Rhett’s such a good kid. Right now he’s definitely the easiest of our kids, and so I have to make sure I give him plenty of attention, because he isn’t loud or demanding, he just kind of goes with the flow of things. Sawyer went with Brandon to Monster Jam on Saturday and it was fun getting to give most of my attention to Rhett for awhile. We went to Walmart, and then hit up Chick-fil-a for ice cream- we go really crazy on Saturday nights!

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