Three Kids

I’ve said before that wihle preparing to have a first and then second, and then third baby that I always planned for the worst but hoped for the best. I knew having three kids three and under was not going to be a piece of cake but I feel like it’s gone really, really well. Mommy BlogCarters winter buntingDSC_3360

We’ve had a few rough days, but for the most part, Ford is an  angel baby. He smiles so big at anyone who talks to him or even talks in his direction. He sleeps way better than my other two did and he looks adorable in anything he wears, but this bear suit kills me every time. I love it.DSC_3375 - CopyDSC_3386co

The really easy part about having three is that the older two really do just play together all the time and luckily they’re used to each other enough now that they rarely fight and willingly share, which I didn’t think would happen for another decade or so hahaDSC_3441c

But back to these chubby cheeks…DSC_3410DSC_3405cDSC_3433

I think we’ll keep him.

13 comments on “Three Kids

  1. Who wouldn’t want to keep that cutie pie! Such a big smile. My kids have a HUGE age cap. I have two kids and before having my second, I always thought I would only have one. Now that I have my daughter I can’t imagine not having her! Love her so much!

  2. My goodness, such a beautiful baby & I love that teddy bear suit that looks so gorgeous for him. Kids are greatest gift in our life & with 3 kids around I am sure it is going to be lots of fun.

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