Pet Ladybugs

You may have already seen if you follow me on instagram, but we have recently become the proud owners of two sleeping lady bugs.catching bugs toddler jar

Over the past month we’ve begun seeing lady bugs up on our ceilings, in cracks, behind doors, everywhere. It was an infestation of sorts, but since they’re just so cute and don’t harm anything and there really weren’t that many of them, I didn’t worry about it. Until last week.

Toddler catching lady bugs

The kids hadn’t seemed to notice the little guys just hanging around until Sawyer found two of them next to the window in the living room. He likes animals but has never liked bugs much, but when he saw them, he became very, very concerned about one of them that was flipped over on it’s back and couldn’t get back over. He really didn’t want to touch it, but since I was nursing the baby and he really thought the lady bug was in distress, he gently flipped it over. Since it didn’t attack him or feel gross, I guess he figured they were okay and decided to make the two of them his pets. I was directed to find a jar and food for them, and he picked them up and put them in the jar and has been checking on them and taking care of them ever since. Now one of them had already, ahem, kicked the bucket, and the other, the one he flipped was barely moving and doesn’t move at all anymore. Sawyer decided that they are just very tired lady bugs, and so we now have two very sleepy lady bugs taking up residence in a mason jar on the counter. They’ve been the most low maintenance pets I’ve ever had, so I’m not complaining one bit, plus I like seeing the nurturing side of Sawyer when he brings them grass and water. Childhood at it’s best.2016-01-28 02.52.23 1

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