The Days Are Long


“The days are long but the weeks are short.” They should amend that saying and make it “The days are long but the week-ends are short.” (Unless your husband has work on the weekend and then your week feels like the longest week and weekend of all time that will drag on forever and never end)

My husband has been really busy with work lately and was gone for almost three weeks with the military this month. Even with three small children, when there is nothing to do to break up your day, it can get really boring. The kids get bored, Mom gets bored, and thank goodness for living in the community we do, because half the time we just get on the golf-cart and go drive around for an hour to kill time. None of our littles are in school yet or play sports and so most weeks when I look at the calendar, it might have a cousins birthday (because when your kids have 30+ cousins, it’s almost always someone’s birthday that week), so just a phone call to say Happy Birthday, church service on Sunday, and the entire rest of the week is wide open. Sure there’s errands to run and things come up, but when it’s just you and the kids for weeks, it gets really monotonous and lonely, even if they are loud and jumping on you and you’re never actually alone. I think single moms, moms who’s hubby’s are gone a lot, and shot, all parents for that matter, all should get a shout-out for the ability to fill time with their kids. I personally, am I lets go outside and the rest takes care of itself. Isn’t it amazing how once you’re outside there’s no “What can we do? I’m bored.”? The second that door is open, my boys are off digging something, riding something, finding something, and getting dirty. I lay a blanket on the ground under our big oak in the front yard and play with the baby or just rock in the rocking chair and watch them play. Sometimes I’m even responsible and get off my seat and work on the yard haha. Either way, thank goodness for sunny weather and the outdoors. While my husband was gone this last time, it rained a lot and we spent a lot of time cooped up indoors. I’m pretty sure the only reason the kids were laying so nicely on the bed in the picture above was because even they were tired from being inside all day. That’s probably the longest I’ve ever seen them sit still. (Which was approximately long enough for me to snap that picture and then they crawled all over the bed making ‘caves’). Not sure where this rambling is going, but I love my boys, love the outdoors, and love that my husband is home again to wrestle them, tire them out, and let me shower alone every once in awhile.


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