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So remember how I said I’d been spending a lot of time alone lately in my last post? First, my husband was gone for almost three weeks, and then I got the Chicken Pox. Yup, chicken pox. The classic, elementary school aged kid disease. To make it even better, this is the second time I have had it. I didn’t even know you could get Chicken Pox twice. If it hadn’t of been for my niece coming down with it too, I would have just thought that I had chiggers or something. So first I was alone for three weeks, and then I was self-quarantined in hopes that none of the tiny babies in our extended family would get it, and now the boys and I all have colds. Lucky for me, I had convinced Brandon to upgrade our cable before he left. I’ve been catching up on old favorites, binged watched new shows, and discovered channels I didn’t even know existed. UPtv?Didn’t even know that was a thing until I marathon-ed a bunch of their movies. It’s really nice to have channels that are positive and where I didn’t feel the need to change the channel if one of the kids came out of bed.DSC_7759 - Copy

One new premiere I’ve got on my calendar is the Season 4 premiere of “Bringing Up Bates.” I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s that I come from a family of six, which is big in todays standards, but I love all these family shows on tv right now and UPtv’s motto is “we get family.” I love seeing all the chaos and business and relating to the craziness that goes on, it reminds me of growing up in my family- plus they have a pretty good sense of humor. My family has our share of inside jokes and such but with 19 kids they even more fun than we did (although we always had tons of friends around too). I love one kid, Zach, “What’s an average size family? Average for me growing up was a new kid every year” hahaha. I don’t know if I could handle that myself (I mean, I definitely could not), but it’s so fun to watch and I see a lot of my family in theirs. The Bates are a lot like my family, they love music and outdoors, and they do a lot of DIY projects.


“Bringing Up Bates” has been one of my binge watch shows while I’ve been on the mend. I get so invested in their families like they’re my own- the weddings, the babies being born, the family vacations, I feel like I’m watching my own family and I can’t wait for the season premiere this week. I’ve been re-watching all the episodes I missed from past seasons to get ready for the new one and lucky for me, new episodes will be coming out every Thursday all summer long, starting this week, June 2nd at 9pm ET on the UP channel. To make the premiere even more fun, you can party with me at the Bringing Up Bates Twitter party during the premiere and win fun prizes! There is more information here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love when the hubby leaves me for a bit I can indulge in some guilty pleasure TV shows. Hope you are feeling better post-chicken pox! See you at the Twitter chat. I’ll surely be watching the premiere.

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