How to Frame a Hatch Show Print

Any country music lover out there? Being a huge country music fan myself, I have collected a few Hatch Show Prints over the years (If you don’t know what that is, google it. They are a staple in country music history). Because they aren’t a standard photo or poster size, there are no frames that they fit in. I had looked into having one custom made, but it was expensive and didn’t really fit the vibe anyways.

After seeing some vintage school maps in an antique store, I got inspired to hang them myself, simply using some scrap 1X2’s and a staple gun. It was super easy, and would cute with any artwork. The best part is total cost for all of the supplies was less than 10 dollars. Here’s how I did it!-how to hang a hatch show print

Supplies: 1X2’s- I cut them long enough to have a 1/2 inch overhang on each side, Wood stain for if you want to stain them, string, staples, and a stapler gun.

First step: Cut your board to size. Like I said, I wanted mine to over hang about a half an inch on each side. If you don’t own a saw, Home Depot or Lowe’s will cut the boards for you while you’re there.

Second step: Stain them! I stained my “provincial” by MinWax. Painting would be pretty too!

hatch show print diy (5)
Step three: Take your print and decide where you’ll want it to hang on the boards. Measure that space and mark it three times across the back of the paper. Draw a straight line through them, and this is where the board will cover your paper on the front.hatch show print diy (6)

Step four: Line the edges of your board with the line you just drew, and staple in the middle. Staple once on each side. Repeat step three and four with the other board.
hatch show print diy (4)

Step six: Grab your string and cut it to you desired length.  I made mine about four inches shorter than my top board, knowing that the weight of the picture would pull it down to be visible. Staple it taut across your top board, as close to the top edge as you can. If you feel like the string is going to pull out of your staple, tie the loose end twice around the staple.

You’re done! Now you have a gorgeous and cute piece of art to hang anywhere in your house!
There are so many possibilities of what you could hang like this, from handkerchiefs, to canvases or pictures or big posters. You could even hang a quilt on the wall like this if you made sure to use enough staples, and maybe a 1X4 instead of 1X2. If you make one, tag me on instagram so I can see it! I love seeing what yall create and how you put your own ideas into things!
diy hanging art


DIY Kids playbox

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Today, I’ve got another great DIY for kids to share with you. Yesterdays post was all about backyard water fun and today is all about getting dirty. My boys spend 99% of their time outside digging in dirt. No matter how many bikes, scooters, playgrounds we have, they love digging. Unfortunately for us, our house has this little pit of mud with no grass that they love, and it is right next to the road, and they really love it. It makes me so nervous and I sit there watching them like a hawk the entire time they play, and even then I’m nervous something will happen. We don’t live on a really busy road, but still. So instead of letting them dig a big hole in the middle of my yard, we decided to build them a box that can be there monster truck/construction vehicle play box. We made most of it from pallets, which is awesome because it can fit anyone’s budget. Keep reading for instructions!DSC_1082

We decided to fill it with rocks instead of dirt to try and keep them at least a little cleaner than they normally get (we considered sand but didn’t want the neighborhood cats using it as a litter box). I swear my kids have to change clothes ten times a day because they go get so muddy playing in that hole. We go through so much laundry detergent, but we’ve been using all® free clear detergent and at least it gets all the stains out and so they can play outside and get as muddy as they want without me worrying about their clothes every time. In high school, I started having sneezing fits constantly, and was able to trace it back to the laundry detergent I was using. I switched to all® free clear detergent and haven’t used another detergent since. It’s gentle enough for even my babies, strong enough for my messy toddlers, and doesn’t bother me. We pick it up in bulk when we go to Sam’s Club. All Free and Clear

I buy it by the pallet. Just kidding, I wish that was my stockpile! I really am loyal to all® free clear detergent though.DIY play box from pallets

12 boards off of pallets (You might need two pallets to get enough)
2X4’s (you can get these off the pallets as well, or buy them, we had some extras lying around)
Landscaping Timber (for the corners)
Pea gravel

diy play box (2)

The first thing you want to do is choose the wood from your pallets and take it off the pallets. Look for wood that’s not broken, doesn’t have holes, etc. You can either pry the boards off of the pallet carefully so you don’t split them, or use a sawzall with a metal cutting blade on it to cut through the nails and free the boards. The latter is much easier, but you can do either one just fine. You’ll need 12 boards. If you pry them, take out the nails as well.

diy play box (1)

Next, you want to cut your landscaping timber (this will be your corner supports) and 2X4’s to be 12 inches long. We used landscaping timbers because they are only two dollars per eight foot board, but if you have 4X4’s lying around, or a pallet with really big support boards, that will work too.

diy play box (3)

Now you’re going to start building the box. Take one of your pallet boards and nail each end to one of your landscaping timbers. In the middle, nail a 2X4 for support. Be careful while you are nailing not to split the wood. Pallet wood splits easily. Once you have the three supports on the board, nail two more of the pallet 1X4’s on top of it, as you can see we’re doing in the pictures below. As you add the two top boards, make sure you’re boards are as close together as possible so that when you’re finished the rocks don’t fall between the cracks. You’ll notice you have a little bit of overhang, which is good. That’s where your supports will go into the ground a little. Make two of these.

diy play box (4)diy play box (5)diy play box (6)diy play box (7)diy play box (8)

Now you’re going to add a 1X4 pallet board to connect the two sides you just made, and start making it into a box. You’ll put two more on top just like you did on the other two sides, making sure to line up the boards so you still have that inch or so on your supports that will go into the ground. Repeat on the other side and you have your play box! If you ended up with any cracks or holes, you can use a wood filler or caulk to fill them in.

diy play box (9)

Now find the spot in your yard where you want your box to be, and use a shovel to even out the ground a little. Take a shovel and dig out just a couple inches where the edges of the box will be so that it will sit down into the ground a little, then you can put your box in, jump on it a few times to get it in the ground, and fill it with rocks! We used 12 bags of pea gravel, and then added in our kids favorite dump trucks and diggers.DSC_1089DSC_1013DSC_1020DSC_0985

They love it and have played in it tons, but of course they managed to find their way back to a mud hole. That’s what the laundry detergent is for, right?DSC_1000

Do you have any great ways for getting mud out of kids clothes? Or keeping them from getting muddy?? I’d love to hear it!


DIY Sprinkler from a Pool Noodle

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Like I said it my last post, Summer is coming and we can feel it! Last weekend, I made the cutest little sprinkler for the boys to play in. It was so easy, and they had so much fun playing it in!  Here’s how-

Duct Tape
Pool Noodle
Something small and sharp, I used a Kabob SkewerDIY SPrinkler (1)

The first thing you’re going to do is tape off one end of your pool noodle so that it’s water tight. I used four pieces of duct tape for mine, two short and two long. I went over the top cross ways with the two short ones and then went around the sides with the long ones to really seal it in. The more the better, you don’t want it to bust!
DIY SPrinkler (2)

Next, take something tiny and sharp and you’re going to poke holes down the noodle. These holes are where the water is going to come out! Using a kabob skewer made it really easy for me! I did about ten holes in a straight line down one side, but you can get creative here! Make sure you go all the way through the first layer to the hollow center that way the water will reach your hole.

DIY SPrinkler (3)

Now, if you’re kids are ready to get wet, take your noodle and you’re going to duct tape it to your hose. Slide your hose nozzle (turned off, of course) into your noodle a few inches, and then use the tape to hold it in place. I wrapped a piece of duct tape around two times up high and two times lower down and that was plenty strong. DIY SPrinkler (4)

Now, put it in the yard and turn it on!!!DIY SPrinkler (7)DIY SPrinkler (10)DIY SPrinkler (19)

Now, you’re probably wondering why my sprinkler has an extra piece of duct tape at the middle. If you pick up your sprinkler while the water is on, the pressure gets too high and bust your noodle. I learned that the hard way, but if it happens to you, just tape it up and keep playing! If you need to move your sprinkler, just make sure to turn the water off first so it doesn’t bust.DIY SPrinkler (5)DIY SPrinkler (13)

Rhett probably had more fun in it than any other kid, he was running and splashing and just having a blast in it! Whenever it starts warming up outside, I make sure to have lots of swim diapers on hand for my littles. I grabbed one of the bulk boxes from Sam’s Club of Huggies® Little Swimmers® to stock up for the summer. They are my favorite since they slide on easily and have easy open tabs for taking off. We’ve been using Huggies® Little Swimmers® since Sawyer was a baby and they are great. They don’t get huge in water and they are so cute, especially all the new ones that they have for Finding Dory! Keep reading to find out how to win one of 5 $1,000 gift cards to Sam’s Club!

SwimmersDIY SPrinkler (12)DIY SPrinkler (15)DIY SPrinkler (17)DIY SPrinkler (21)little swimmers sweepstakes image
Sam’s Club is giving away 5 $1,000 gift cards. All you have to do is share a photo of your fun summer moments and hashtag it #SwimAdventureContest or upload directly via for a chance to win! So get outside and get snapping, I’d love to see your pictures with your new sprinkler!!!DIY SPrinkler (8)

Under Stairs Office Makeover

With all my blogging and photography work, I’ve been needing a space that I can keep my blog calendar, supplies, and just sit and stare at something pretty. Since all the rooms in our house are being used or are unfinished, I decided to maximize our under the stairs area and turn it into my little office space. The under-the-stairs area in our house is tiny and I had no idea what to use it for before, but I love it now! The best part was, it didn’t actually require any building or hard projects, just a little paint and some decorations!Under stairs office makeover

When we moved in, it had that shelf in there that I took out and stained the darker color to match the hard wood floors upstairs. As we moved in, it became a place where I stacked all our pictures and art to go on the walls. When I move, I take a really long time getting things up on the walls. It’s not that I don’t feel like putting stuff up, I just like taking my time figuring out what would go perfect where. For example, I almost hung these shutters upstairs and if I had, I would never have considered putting them beneath the stairs. So, when I decided to start making this spot into my office, it looked like this-under stair make over

A lot of junk, and this was after I had hung a bunch up already. There are no outlets in this area, and it is small and dark feeling, so I knew I wanted to lighten it up. The walls were a dark greige color that felt brown in that space. I had gotten a can of oops paint from Home Depot that looked light grey, so I started painting with that, but the color dried really brassy and dirty looking, so I starting dumping in leftover cans of white and light grey and just kept adding them in until it became a color I liked. Then I added back in the wooden shelves.DSC_6613

The shutters we got from a house the day before they demo-ed it. The fronts are black and originally I planned on spray painting them and putting them somewhere, but while I was spray painting them I flipped them over and really liked the natural aged wood color on the back, so I sanded most of the black (and green and red underneath) paint off the sides and put on a light coat of Minwax Finishing Paste to make them look just a little more polished and finished. Originally, I didn’t have the shutters up and had a pin-board instead. I had the shutters out moving them around and laid one against the wall here and it looked amazing. It was like Joanna Gaines was speaking to me through the universe haha I’m on the hunt for the perfect small wreaths to hang on top of the shutters.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have somewhere to get shutters free, most antique stores have some (although they tend to be just as expensive as new ones!), or Amazon has some beautiful unfinished wood brand new shutters, and some barn style ones that would be great for getting the same look.

Under stair office makeover (1)DSC_9453

I love this Katie Daisy print, I’ve had it for years and always have it somewhere. I picked up the mint clipboard, little lanterns, the calendar, letter holder, and string lights all in the One Spot Shop dollar section at the front of Target. The lights were perfect since there are no outlets in this space (yet) so I can turn them on for a little extra light other than what the hall light does. My new Loretta Lynn album has been sitting there while I decide if I’m ever going to open it or not. This is the first time a real LP of hers has come out in my lifetime and I’m cherishing it like the gem it is.

Under stairs spaceUnder stair office

Our under the stair area went from being dark, awkward, and un-used to bright, cute, and a great place for me to be able to focus and use. I can even see as the kids get older it being a great place for them to color or do homework. At some point we might have an electrician come out and add an outlet too so I can plug in my laptop or printer  or have a light and I might have Brandon build me a drawer or filing cabinet to make some storage space, but it’s amazing what a coat of paint and a little decorating can do! I might even just buy one of those battery operated chandeliers to add a little more cute light.

Check out the widget below for similar office decor to mine!

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Easter Table Set-Up and DIY Mini Easter Baskets

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I’ve been getting everything all ready for Easter around here. Every year, we go to church, have a big dinner with lots of food and an Easter Egg hunt that all the adults join in on too. It is one of my favorite holiday celebrations we do all year. I’ve wanted to share with you my table décor and a fun d.i.y. I made for mini Easter baskets that I used as placecards on the table.


I’ve been loving everything moss for Easter this year and how cute are those miss-matched cloth napkins? Easter_Table_Decor (36)Easter_Table_Decor (42)Easter_Table_Decor (41)

Did you see the little baskets I used as place card holders? I made them myself, and they were super easy!

  Easter_Table_Decor (51)

Here’s how I put them together-

Brown floral vine
Brown floral tape
Fake flowers
Parchment Muffin/Cupcake Lotus cups
Loose Moss

That’s it! Well, a pair of scissors too. The first step is simple- take out the vine and wrap it around the top of a lotus cup in a circle. While pinching your finger there, go about six inches down and cut it off. Wrap the vine around itself to form a circle.Diy mini basket

Next, cut a seven inch piece of the vine, and bend one end about an inch and a half down around the circle you made and twist it around (see the picture below). Do the same on the other side to form a handle.


Next, take a few fake flowers, place them to the right side, and wrap the ends with the floral tape. Keep adding flowers and moving down the vine as you wrap. I added four or five to each basket, but you don’t have to add flowers or greenery if you don’t want to. Next, take a lotus cup and fold down the top edges until it’s all flat, more like a muffin cup. It’s okay if they stick out some, the moss you’re putting in will hold them down. DIY_Mini_Easter_Baskets (11)

Finally, slide the lotus cup into the little basket handle you made and add in some loose moss and top with little candies! Easter_Table_Decor (46)Easter_Table_Decor (50)

I typed our names into a word document, changed them to “Bakery” font in size 48 and shaped them to cute shapes with scissors. You don’t have to add placecards if you don’t want to. They would make a cute party favor or just a cute little treat at each plate, even without the names! For my baskets, I found all the candies I needed at Walmart. I got M&M’s® Easter Sundae (have you tried these? So good.), M&M’s® Milk Chocolate, a DOVE® Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny, a DOVE® Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny, Skittles®, Starburst® Jellybeans, and a M&M’s® Easter Tri Pack. I used the chocolate bunnies to decorate the table. I’ve seen so many pretty vintage photos with big chocolate bunnies on the table and the DOVE® ones Walmart had were perfect. The M&M’s® and Jellybeans were perfect for going in my mini Easter Baskets, and I have enough left to use in our Easter Baskets on Sunday too. Easter_Table_Decor (4)Easter_Table_Decor (5)

I love these little M&M® Tri-Packs. They are super cute colors and are made to fit perfect in Easter eggs. No more smashing bags into the eggs!
Easter_Table_Decor (12)Easter_Table_Decor (38)

I love the way the bunnies look on the table, I feel like they have such a time-less, classic feel. Easter_Table_Decor (31)Easter_Table_Decor (34)Easter_Table_Decor (35)Easter_Table_Decor (6)Easter_Table_Decor (18)Easter_Table_Decor (2)

I love these little bunny napkin holders. Easter_Table_Decor (15)Easter_Table_Decor (45)

I can’t wait to have people over and love sharing it with you all! I hope you get your fill of candy this Easter, and if you haven’t tried those M&M’s® Easter Sundae, you need to head to Walmart to grab some because they are only going to be out for a limited time and are only sold at Walmart! They’ve got all the candy I showed in one easy Easter aisle and more great options for Easter baskets! They’ve got a Mixed Brand Chocolate bag with SNICKERS®, M&M’s®, TWIX®, MILKY WAY®, and 3 Musketeers®, they’ve got Hubba Bubba®, Bubble Tape®, and Skittles® $1 Tubes! Those all remind me of awesome Easter’s past, and I love that they will be part of our Easter memories!  InStore

I hope these gave you some great ideas for Easter, but if you need more Easter basket inspiration or recipes to fill your table, head here! Happy Easter everyone!Easter_Table_Decor (49)