Complete Baby Registry List and Tips

When I was pregnant with my first, I spent so much time making my registry. Blame it on my type A personality, maybe it was the fact that I had way too much time on my hands while on bed rest, or I was just nesting, but I researched every baby item known to man, in order to create the perfect registry for my little babe. While plenty of people will think it’s overkill, I love research and love hearing other people’s suggestions, so I kept looking for an entire list of what someone registered for, and how they liked it. Now that we’ve gone through two newborn phases, I’m looking back, knowing completely what we used and didn’t use that I got/registered for. So, for all the first time moms, or mom’s looking for new baby gear, with a type A personality like me, here is my list of EVERYTHING you could possibly need for baby, and my opinions on all of it.

This list is a good starting point if you are creating your baby registry, and you can take off anything you’ve already gotten, but I tried to include every little basic item in case you are starting from scratch. Enjoy! If you are a mom or dad and think I missed something, please let me know and I’ll add it (Note: Items are in order by category).

I also made an example registry that is similar to what I registered for when I had my first. I used Baby List to make it, which is an awesome baby registry site that lets you register for things from any website and keeps it all in one place. It also shows shoppers all of the different stores it is available at so they can shop wherever they choose. It is so easy to use, and made registering a breeze! Here is my example registry of specific items, similar to below with descriptions and tips. BabyRegistry

For the Nursery:


Crib. Whether your baby sleeps in it every night, just for naps, or hardly ever, I don’t know anyone who has had a baby and didn’t use a crib. I won’t suggest a particular brand, as it is so subjective to personal taste, but don’t get a drop-side (they’re banned, and dangerous), and note that most cribs now-a-days convert to a day bed and full bed, but the kit to change it cost an often quite large, additional amount and if you plan on having more kids, you’ll probably just keep it as a crib and move the older babe to a big bed.

Crib Mattress. Also subjective to taste, we got ours used from a friend. In my opinion, most mattresses, as long as they aren’t super worn out, are pretty similar, and some crib/furniture sets come with one.

Crib Sheets. I like having two or three so I’m not rushing to wash just one. There will be late night accidents and you’ll want to be able to throw on that second sheet, or follow my tip in the next item.

Waterproof Mattress Cover. Your sweet little baby will have many accidents, these save your mattress from being ruined. Get two so you can wash one and have one ready. Note: I layer Sawyer’s crib from bottom to top: mattress cover, sheet, second mattress cover, second sheet. That way if he has an accident in the middle of the night, I’m not trying to find the other sheets and get them on, I can just pull off the top two and put him back to bed. This has been SO nice and convenient for us,  but I did wait to start doing it until he was past the age where I was worried about SIDS so it wouldn’t make more bedding than is safe.

Blankets. A word of caution- you will probably receive so many blankets as gifts, people love to buy them. If you register for any, you will receive even more than you would have gotten in the first place. Unless there is one or two you really, really want, or you are registering for the one that matches your bedding, I highly recommend leaving these off of your registry. I didn’t register for any, and we were given about twenty. I’m not joking folks. My friends had the same experiences, or registered, and therefore ended up with tons and tons. For me, the exception to this rule is specialty swaddler blankets or ones that matched our nursery.

Swaddling Blankets. So many different kinds that wrap, Velcro, etc. We bought the popular Aden and Anais blankets and loved them. I couldn’t have more good things to say about them, we use them daily, usually just as a light blanket to go over baby or to swaddle. I also use them as a nursing cover or car seat cover if I don’t have ours. The only downside would be they are really lightweight, so if you are having a winter baby, these probably aren’t thick enough on their own for chilly days. For swaddlers that secure baby all tight without wrapping, we bought a Miracle Swaddler for our second son and are IN LOVE with it. They are definitely pricey, but worth every penny. I got mine used and he sleeps in it every night.

Other Crib Bedding. Crib skirt, Mobile etc. Your baby can definitely get by without these things, but if you want to register for them, go for it!

Room Décor. Some people register for decorations for the nursery, this is totally up to you! We had ours already done before the shower, so the only thing we registered for décor wise was a cute laundry hamper.

Bassinet. Most people like to keep baby in their room at the beginning. I have bassinet that has a frame, or can lock into the top of our pack and play and love that I can move it around like that. Both of my boys have slept in that for the first weeks home, and it was great. You could also use a co-sleeper which are like little bassinets that go on your bed to keep them safe but close.

Rocking Chair. This is something I thought I didn’t need and regretted later. You need some kind of chair in the nursery to sit in during night feedings, sleep training, or just time you spend in their room. You’re going to be tired, and it will be so worth it. Trust me, sitting on the floor is not fun. Yes, you can get by without one, but if you have the money/space, it is so so very worth getting. Bonus points if it is comfy enough to sleep in, because there will be a time you will want to.

Sound Machine. Definitely worth buying before you have baby. It can drown out the visiting family, the doorbell ringing, dogs barking, and all the little creaks a house makes that can startle a baby so easily. Many newborns are comforted by the womb-sound option. This may be a life saver at 3 a.m. (trust me, there will be nights when you are trying everything to get them to sleep. It’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeve.) Ours can run either plugged in or just on batteries, which has been nice when we’ve been out of town and there are no outlets in the hotel room (true story) or when we were having work done on the house and the power had to be off during naptime.

Baby Monitor. There are three kinds- sound, video, and motion monitors. Sound only are your basic, classic monitor where you can hear baby. Video monitors have sound as well, but add video, usually with night vision, and many have extra features like being able to talk to baby or being able to link in on your phone. Motion monitors lay under baby and have sensors that can tell you if there is a concern, like if baby stops breathing for some reason. Monitors range in price from about $16-$300+ and you pretty much get what you pay for. We have the Sony Baby Call, it’s a basic audio monitor but we have loved it and it’s been fantastic; I love that it came with two receivers. I can’t vouch for any other brands or suggestions, so if you have one you love, give it a shout out in the comments so other moms can know!


hand made changing table handmade

Diapers. We used disposables, and no argument, Pampers Swaddlers are the BEST. I’m not exaggerating when I say they are hands down the best diapers on the market for any baby- chubby, thin, long, short. They don’t leak, are sensitive, and we have never had a single blow out in them. I think that alone speaks for itself. They are on the higher end of the Pampers line, but if you coupon, you can often get them for cheaper than even the Wal-Mart diapers. There is a good reason that these are the diapers hospitals use. Note: no matter what diapers you use, don’t buy Huggies Little Snuggler’s for newborn boys. While they are great in the other sizes, and we’ve used them, the newborn size has a large umbilical cord cut out which makes the perfect little hole for little baby boys to pee out of. We were given a large box of these and Sawyer peed out of every. single. one. My friends noticed the same thing. They’re great diapers, but skip the newborn size if you have a boy, we have used them in the bigger sizes and had no problems. I don’t have recommendations if you are doing cloth diapers, but there are plenty of articles out there on them if you Google it.

Wipes. I like Huggies, but don’t care too much which kind we use, most wipes seem to be created pretty equally.

Diaper Rash Creme. I like Bordeaux’s Butt Paste. Yup, that’s the name of it.

Diaper Bag. So much to do with personal preference, but you’ll need one to tote all those baby supplies!

Paci Pod. It’s a little thing that clips on your diaper bag to keep paci’s from getting yucky in your purse and makes them easy to grab in a jiffy. This is probably one of the greatest things I got for baby and the most used.

Changing Table/Changing Pad/Changing Pad Cover. We had a changing table and pad and loved it, other’s say they didn’t use it at all. Go with what you think you’ll do and what you have room for. Ours is actually a dresser that we secured the pad to, that way we can take the pad off and use it as a normal dresser when we’re past the baby stage.

Diaper Caddy. We have a diaper caddy in our downstairs that holds diapers and wipes and has a drawer for anything else you need. It’s so convenient to be able to grab and change the baby, and keeps me from having to make a trip upstairs every time I want a diaper. This is another one of my top ten favorite baby items. Here is the one we have.

On the Go Changing Pad/Diaper Holder. I have never used an on the go changing pad, we always just put him on a blanket on the little changing tables, but I do have little case that holds the diapers and wipes which has made it really easy to just grab that out of my purse and go change baby.


baby registry example list

Baby Wash. We registered for Johnson and Johnson’s. It’s a classic, and we’ve loved it. I’m sure there are other great brands out there, but we were given so many bottles, that that’s all we’ve used.

Baby Shampoo. Might not be your first thought of something to register for, but we needed it right away. While the regular head-to-toe wash is great, the shampoo does do a better job of getting their hair clean if they have a lot, and taking care of cradle cap.

Washcloths. These are usually personal preference based on your taste for colors and patterns, but I like the really soft ones that are thinner. They do a better job cleaning chubby folds and aren’t as rough.

Baby Towels. The little hoods are made to keep baby warm when they get out of the bath, plus the look adorable. My two year old still loves putting on his monkey towel after every bath and looking in the mirror.

Baby Bath Tub. We have just your good old blue baby bath tub with the mesh insert for when they are tiny. It worked great, no complaints here but there are some other awesome looking ones on the market.

Spout Cover. These often look like a whale, duck, or some other character. It’s basically a rubber block that goes over the bath spout to keep your baby from hurting their head on it. So worth it to have, our new bath faucet is too big for one and our toddler bonks his head on it while playing in the bath tub all the time and it always makes me cringe.


Nipple Cream. If you are nursing, buy a nursing cream with Lanolin or some other relief agent in it before you have the little babe, and pack it in your hospital bag. Trust me, use it. Use it before you are sore or in pain, and you may avoid a lot of issues trying to learn to nurse. Nipple Cream can be your best friend if you are nursing. I don’t know one person who hasn’t needed it. With baby #2 I used the Honest Company’s and fell in love with it, it’s worth a few more bucks in my opinion.

Nursing Pads. From what I know, almost every single mom I’ve ever met used these, and used many boxes of them. I didn’t use a single one. Never had an issue with leaking, but I think that’s pretty rare, so it’s good to have a box or two in case you need them, some people even take them to the hospital, but it’s a good chance your milk won’t come in that fast.

Nursing Cover. Necessary for nursing discreetly or around people you would feel awkward not using one around. I like that mine has boning in the front so I can see the baby, especially at the beginning when they don’t have the hang of things quite yet. After we get nursing down, I can use a blanket comfortably, but the nursing covers are really nice.

Breast Pump. Most insurances cover these now, but if yours doesn’t, they are a great thing to have for a nursing mom. Even if you don’t plan on being away from baby long enough to need a supply, I pumped some and kept it in the freezer and was able to use it when I got really sick and my supply dried up for a few days.

modfox boppy arrow boppy cover

Boppy. Is that like Kleenex where it’s a brand but we call all nursing pillows boppys? Nursing pillows seem like a simple pillow, but makes it so much easier to nurse in the beginning while baby is tiny and helps with proper latch. We also used ours for tummy time and play time and bought a cute cover so it would match the nursery. Mine is just the regular Boppy.

Bottles. We use Avent bottles and have loved them. I have two kids, and watched a lot of other babies in my life, and these are my favorite bottles hands-down. They are easy to use, never leak, and hold up to everything. I also love that the bottles and sippy cup nipples and lids are interchangeable and we have taken advantage of that a lot. Runner up would be Tommy Tippee for similar reasons. The only bottles I have used and really didn’t like were Dr. Browns. Sorry if you are reading and loved them, I just found them to be a hassle as they have so many different parts, leaked easily (maybe I just put all the parts together wrong?) , and aren’t quite as easy for baby to hold when they’re big enough to hold their own bottle.

Bottle Brush. Pretty self explanatory, you need one to get in all the little parts of the bottles and nipples.

Nipples. The bottles often only come with nipples for newborns. It’s a good idea to have the bigger sizes on hand because they get frustrated when that milk isn’t coming fast enough, and you don’t want to have to run to Target to get a bigger size.

Pacifiers. I like the Avent ones. As long as they are orthodontic though, I think you can stick with whatever you’re baby will take.

Burp Clothes. I wouldn’t register for them because you’ll most likely be given some cute home made ones, but these are necessary if your baby is drooly or spits up a lot, and so good to have in your diaper bag for quick clean ups even if they don’t.

High Chair. That baby is going to be eating solids before you know it! We chose a high chair that folded up pretty compact because we knew we would be moving and wanted something easy to move and that wouldn’t take up too much space, but there are lots of options based on whatever it is you are looking for.

Spoons. Baby spoons, pretty simple, but I like the Gerber ones that are a little wider.

Hand and Face Wipes. There are going to be plenty of times where you will be out and about and baby will get messy. Baby wipes aren’t made for faces, they’re made for little bums, and if you use them on baby’s face, they may break out in a rash. Hand and face wipes are safe for little faces, and many of them are also safe for wiping down paci’s, which fall to the ground far, far more often than you could know. These wipes are awesome so you don’t have to run to the bathroom to wash a paci or get paper towels to clean off a new-eaters mouth. My favorite are made by Johnson and Johnson.

Bibs. Feeding bibs are usually easily wipe able and definitely necessary once you start solids.

Medela Quick Clean Sterilizer Bags. While it’s not necessary to sterilize bottles or pump pieces every time you use them, it is a good idea to do regularly, and especially if you are having trouble getting them clean. These bags are cheap, last twenty uses each, and are so easy to use. Fill them up with stuff, add water to the line, and pop them in the microwave. So much easier and space efficient than those bulky sterilizer things.


complete baby registry list examples

Infant Car Seat. I won’t put a particular brand recommendation because new car seats come out all the time and there is such a large range of prices, but there are a few things to look for- I like one with nice padding, some are so thin the baby is basically sitting on plastic. I also like to pick them up and see how heavy they are. There are some really nice, light weight car seats, and others that feel like your lugging around a heavy suitcase. Add a fifteen pound two month old and you can’t even get that thing into the house. This is especially important if you are petite as the heavier ones are usually a little bigger too, which might make it hard for you to carry. Don’t worry about features like “goes all the way up to 35 pounds!” No one keeps their kid in an infant car seat until they are 35 pounds, that is how much my four year old nephew weighs, that would be ridiculous haha. So if the one you like only goes to 25 pounds, don’t worry, they’ll probably be ready to move up to a rear facing or convertible car seat by then anyways. Last thing to look for is that if you buy your car seat used, make sure it won’t expire before you are dong using it! The expiration date should be on the bottom of the carseat somewhere.

BundleMe. These are little footmuffs for car seats, they make it so your little one is super warm in the winter. We’ve never used one, but they seem nice for winter babies!

Convertible Car Seat. A lot of people don’t register for these or get them early, but if you need a more expensive item on your registry or you are just trying to look out for good deals ahead of time, this is something to keep your eye on. My son screamed in his infant car seat every. single. time. that we drove somewhere. The entire way. I don’t know what it was about it, but he hated it, so we bought the Graco Myride 65 when my son was five months old(which can hold a baby as small as 7 pounds so I guess if you wanted, you could put even a newborn in this, it does come with the headrest and pads for a tiny baby). We kept him rear facing, of course, but something about moving into the bigger, higher car seat, and we no longer had to hear him cry in the car anymore. It was amazing. We have LOVED everything about the Graco 65, except how wide it is. It works great in our cars, but has been hard to fit in other people’s if the back row is full. I would buy this car seat again any day though.

Stroller. Strollers are another thing that are highly up to your own preference. My suggestion would be at least to have one lightweight stroller that you can easily take anywhere and a jogging stroller. I never put my infant car seat into it’s stroller it came with, but if you read the item above, my son hated his infant car seat. We could’ve been just fine off with a lightweight stroller with a nice size basket and a jogging stroller. I use my jogging stroller most of the places we go. It’s so much easier to push and has a good sized basket. I do love our travel system stroller, it just hasn’t gotten much use.

Infant neck rest for car seat. Our car seat came with an “infant support system” but we still had to buy a headrest for the first few weeks or else their little head just falls to the side non-stop.

Window shade. I like the ones that suction on, and don’t pull down so the older kids aren’t playing with it.

Mirror. Little mirrors that make it so you can see a rear-facing baby in your rear-view mirror. This was a sanity saver on long trips for us, so I didn’t worry every time baby made a strange sound and climb over the seats trying to figure out what was wrong.

Strap covers. I think most car seats are coming with these already on them,  but ours didn’t and the ones they sell separately are pretty dang cute. Not a necessary item, but they are nice.


Complete baby registry

Socks. Unless you already have tons, register for a pack or two. They get lost so easily, and go through so many sizes in the first year. Babies can’t regulate their temperature for a long time and you need to keep those little toes warm to keep their body temp right.

Other clothes. I personally suggest that you do not register for any baby clothes, this is my own personal opinion and others may disagree, but here is why. People love to buy tiny little baby clothes, and even if you don’t register for them, you will get tons. If you register for them, people will think that is all you need, and that is all you will get, or you will get so many more than you need. Plus, most people only buy baby clothes as a gift in size newborn or 0-3 which most babies don’t wear very long, and it’s often hard to return baby clothes, so I highly suggest not registering for these.  Also, people are going to buy you whatever baby clothes they think are cute, not what is on your registry. I promise you will still get baby clothes as gifts from lots of people. The exceptions for me are if you are having a shower for a second, third, etc. child that is a different gender and clothing is what you need, or if you have everything else and just need clothes.


Bouncer. Great for having somewhere to put baby while you make dinner, get things done, etc.

Swing. So many babies just love these, it might be your saving grace. Sawyer didn’t like swings, so maybe borrow one first and see if your baby likes it before committing to buying one!

Rock and Play. I thought these were just another silly baby item that I didn’t need, until I put my baby in a friends and he sat quietly and happily for so long (which he had never done before). A lot of people use these as a bassinet at first and they are awesome if you travel a lot or don’t have a lot of space because they fold flat. Another plus of the rock and play is that they have a slight incline, which is important for babies who spit-up a lot or if you have a c-section, as they have increased spit-up in the first few weeks. The incline keeps them from choking on their spit-up, so if you are having a planned c-section, you might want to get one especially for that reason. babies on beach complete baby registryour nephew in their rock and play at the beach

Bumbo/Prince Lionheart Seat. We used this thing so much! Sawyer absolutely being able to sit up in it until he got too big. Make sure if you buy one used, that it has the recalled piece added (there was a recall on the bumbo ones last year, but they offered a belt which you could order to make them safe again). Even with the belt, please, please don’t put your baby on a counter or high place in these. I know too many people whose babies have fallen off of a table or counter in a bumbo seat; they are made for being on the floor.

Exersaucer/Jumper. We used our exersaucer a lot, but it was borrowed so we’re going to get a jumperoo this time around. Basically some kind of seat surrounded with toys for baby to sit and play it. Our first loved it, hopefully the second one will too! I’m choosing a jumperoo for this time around only because they collapse down and we’ll save it for future kiddos. The exersaucer does takes up a lot of space.



Door locks. We lock all of the lower cabinets in our kitchen and have since Sawyer could crawl. Since not all of our cabinets have an adjoining one for the easy loop latches, we also love the magnetic ones which can go on a single cabinet and are really easy to open.

Outlet covers. While I know these are really pushed by stores, I don’t know anyone who uses them after baby #1 because they often attract the baby to the outlet when he wasn’t really interested in the first place, and then they want to play with the outlet cover. We found it was easier and in the long run safer just to keep a very close eye and teach baby not to touch the outlets.

Furniture straps. I cannot stress the importance of these enough, but nothing I can say will do justice to this post from another blog. Something so small can be very important.

First aid kit. These are great because they usually have all of the little first aid and grooming things you might need. Finger nail clippers, medicine dispensers, classic thermometer, nail files, a baby toothbrush, hairbrush, ours even had a little rattle.

Ear thermometer. We use this so much now that our baby is big, but when they are really tiny you have to check their temperature the old fashion way.

Nose Freida. This looks disgusting to anyone whose never used one, but anyone who has one will tell you it is irreplaceable. So much better than the bulb aspirators they give you at the hospital, these clear out babies nose of snot and let baby breathe. You can see the original on my example registry.

Boogie Wipes. These may come off as silly, but you don’t know how great these things are until you’ve tried them on a super runny nose. Baby wipes aren’t made to use on faces (like mentioned before), so these wipes are perfect for that sensitive, runny nose. They also take off food and marker easily. You could skip these though and just use the hand and face wipes mentioned before.

Humidifier. The pediatrician will often recommend you run a humidifier at night when baby has a cold, so it’s good to have before that first cold hits. I know some people who run them every night no matter what, and others like us, have never been able to use one because it bugs our toddler’s asthma, but I’m still glad we have it for the baby.

Laundry Detergent. If you are currently using a detergent with perfumes or dyes, you won’t want to use that on the babies clothes as most babies skin is very sensitive when they’re born and it can give them a rash. I wash our entire families laundry in All Free & Clear. It is my favorite hypoallergenic and sensitive detergent.



Baby Books. These are fun to register for and nice to have as they get older, plus they look cute in the nursery. My favorite’s are the BabyLit Primers.

Johnny Jumper. Kids love these things, we got a lot of use out of ours.

Stuffed animals. Not necessary at all, and you are not supposed to put them in their sleeping space, but they do look cute in the nursery and little babies like to play with them.

Baby gyms. A place for baby to lay and do tummy time with brain stimulating illustrations and toys. I’m not a huge fan, but others are, so go for it if you think you’ll use it!

DSC_5310 - fade

I hope that helps you get started on what you might need for baby. Obviously you don’t need everything on this list, but I hope it was helpful to look through and see what all is out there and a mom’s opinion on it!

Just a reminder, I have my example registry on BabyList where you can go see exactly what I’m talking about for each item if you don’t know what they are. There are a lot of baby things out there and I hope that this gives you a head start or a starting point on what you might need! Good luck and congratulations on that exciting addition you are expecting!!!

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What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

Detailed list of what to bring to the hospital baby what not to bring

I love packing my hospital bag, I pack it way too early every time but it gets me so excited for baby to come and makes that big day seem like it’s coming sooner, even if it’s not. I’ve had most of my bag packed for over a month now, but you really don’t need to pack it until you’re 37 weeks, and then you are likely to be safe.

I actually pack two bags for the hospital. One is for the labor and delivery room and one is for the recovery/long stay room. That way we aren’t lugging a big bag in and out of labor and delivery, and I just send my husband to grab the overnight bag out of the car once we’re in our long-term room. I also had to go to the hospital triage a few times for preterm labor/false labor and liked having my things I wanted for delivery on me in case I had baby that day, so I keep the smaller, labor and delivery bag in the car. There’s also a good chance if this is your first baby, you might go to the hospital thinking you are in labor, and not be. You don’t want to lug a suitcase in and then be sent home, that only worsens the sting. Here’s a complete list of what I pack in my bags, I like to have everything I need, but not have loads of bags/junk to carry (and at the end is what I wouldn’t bring):

Labor and Delivery Bag. (Small purse, possibly small enough to fit in my regular purse)

Camera. This is my #1 must have. If I had nothing else, I would want my camera to document everything. Bring extra batteries if you think you’ll need them, or an extra memory card.

Phone Charger. You can be in triage for a looooong time, whether it be the day you deliver or an unexpected trip you have to make, and everyone who loves you is going to want play by play updates. Same goes for if you are admitted and baby is coming. Your family won’t be happy if you drop off the grid in the middle of labor. In fact, my phone charger stays in my purse once I’m in the third trimester because if my family couldn’t get a hold of me, they always assumed something had happened to me or baby. Good to Know: Everyone in triage can hear your conversations, so don’t say anything you don’t want the ladies around you to hear. I heard some sensational stories and some awkward ones that kept me from getting bored, but I’m pretty sure my neighbors wouldn’t have enjoyed knowing I could hear them.

Phone/Laptop/Tablet. There is a LOT of down time in labor and delivery. Even if you show up with three minute apart contractions and you think you won’t be able to focus on anything except the giant change your life is about to have, there is a really good change you will get bored at some point. My first trip to triage(I had preterm labor), I had to wait six hours before they could release me. I had no technology, and as I said before, my phone died. I was bored out of my mind. The day I actually had Sawyer, I spent four or five hours just progressing in labor, and having my laptop there to distract me and update friends was so nice, it made the time pass much faster. Tablets are great because they are so convenient and you can carry it on you all the time in case you go to L&D from somewhere other than home. I hated how bulky my laptop was. I loaded mine up with music too. Don’t forget the charger.

Rubber bands. There’s nothing worse than not having a hairband when you need one.

Lip Balm. I hate when my lips are dry, cannot stand it! I keep an extra Maybelline Baby Lips in clear in my bag in case I don’t have any. Since you may not eat or drink for hours, your lips will thank you for having chapstick.

Cash. I told my husband to eat before he met me at the hospital, but labor took took so long he was starving after a few hours and he didn’t want to leave to get food in case something happened and he missed the birth. Most labor and delivery floors have a vending machine somewhere that’s not far where your hubby can grab snacks easily and come back.

My Bigger, Overnight Bag ( contents pictured)

Robe. I hate wearing the hospital gown any longer than I have to, so as soon as I’m in my recovery room and can function well, I change into my own clothes. I like wearing a nursing tank top, yoga pants or sweats, and a robe that covers well so I look decent for visitors and cute in the hallways. Mine hits right at my hips which is nice since you will most likely get blood on the bed, and this way it doesn’t also stain your robe. I got so many compliments on my robe while I was in the hospital. Here is the link to my robe, but I love this similar one, and this blue one and this crazy fancy one too.

Comfy Pants. Some people hate having anything even relatively fitted on their bottom half after having a baby, but I couldn’t stand having really loose bottoms on. Having fitted, but not tight pants on helped keep the lovely hospital pads and undies in places, leading to less leaking and more comfort for me. Those one size fits all panties they have are not one size fits all. I needed three pairs, you’re bound to bleed out onto at least one.

Nursing Tank Tops. I lived in these for about three weeks after having my first. They are really easy to nurse out of and I didn’t want to waste money on trying tons of different bras until my chest had decided what size to stay. Good to Know: I went through three or four bra sizes between the last month I was pregnant and two months post-partum. You might want to hold off on spending a lot of money on nursing bras until you plateau out a bit. The nursing tanks I have are these ones from Target. Everyone I know who has that same one loves it. They are the best I’ve tried!

Big, Comfy Undies. Like I said, the hospital “one size fits all” mesh undies you hear so much about are not one size fits all. As soon as I stood up in them, they fell down. They constantly were falling down or sliding around a ton, and when you are bleeding as much as you will be, that is not what you want. I suggest bringing four or five pairs of boring, cheap undies in a few sizes larger than you normally wear and using those instead. You want them big to accommodate all of the lovely pads, ice packs, wipes and other things they will have you wearing down there. No cheeksters or skimpy, lacey things because that’s right, they make special post-baby ice packs for in your underwear, hence the nickname “padcicles.” Be sure to have a nurse show you how to layer all of these items if it’s your first time.

Toiletries. No shower in your life will feel as good as your first post-baby shower. Most hospitals don’t provide toiletries, so make sure you bring shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. I liked having my regular toiletries, it made me feel a little more like myself, and less like a bomb had just gone off inside me. I also bring my make-up, as I saw more people and had more pictures taken of me in those first few days than in years of my life, and it felt really good to get prettied up a little. Other things to remember- toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, hairbrush, more rubber bands.

Nipple Cream. Nursing creams will save you when nursing starts to hurt. Use it right away, trust me. I’m trying out the Honest Companies this time, it is organic and I like the idea of using something natural.

BE Firming Eye Treatment. This amazing little product gets a description all on it’s own. It’s my best friend, my secret weapon. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without it. Even if you have only had two hours of sleep, if you put this on, your eyes unpuff, and you look amazingly well-rested. I am prone to dark circles under my eyes, and using this every day has made a HUGE difference. I used this every day in the hospital to help my face wake up, and reduce puffiness in my eyes. There are just not enough great things I could say about this product. I only use a small pea-sized amount under my eyes and on my lids, and it last forever. Can be bought here.

Flip Flops. For the shower, for walking around, they’re great to have in case you need them.

Pillow. I didn’t do this with my first one, but will with the second. I hated the hospital pillows. I like a nice firm, thick pillow and the hospital ones were flat as pancakes. I had to ask for extras so I could pile them up behind my head; this time I’ll bring my own. I’m also making sure it’s in a bright pillowcase so they know it’s mine and don’t take it for laundry.

Blanket for Baby. While the nurses love to wrap the babies up in the pink and blue striped blankets, I liked having my own blanket for my baby. It was softer, snugglier, and made the hospital experience a little more personal for me. The hospital photographer also used it as the background for his pictures. (We have these and love them since they are so soft and lightweight)

An Extra Bag. You get so many gifts while in the hospital, you’ll need an extra bag (I just folded up a canvas market tote inside my overnight bag). There’s the free gift from Similac or Enfamil, which is quite bulky, welcome gifts from the hospital (ours included a silver spoon and cookies), plus any gifts your friends or family bring, and then there’s all of the items you take with you when you leave like the diapers/wipes/etc. I’ve heard of some people going overboard and even taking the pillows, but really it’s just the disposable items that you can take. Good to Know: A good rule of thumb is if they opened the package for you, it’s yours to take. I take the diapers, cloth wipes (they make good cleaning rags), the blue pidddle pads they have under baby, and the pink ones they have on your bed. The reason I take the last two is because the blue ones they have under the baby are awesome for putting under your changing table cover in case baby gets it messy; it makes for easy clean up, they also fit great in bassinets. Same for the pink ones. I use them under the pack and play sheet (those pack and play mattresses can be ruined if they get too wet), in the crib under the sheet, or anywhere else I need them. They’re great to have around.

Something to Wear Home. I wore sweats and a hoodie, some like to dress up more, I was happy to be comfortable.

Clothes for Baby. I love finding a cute, tiny little coming home outfit for my newborns. It’s the first time I ever really get them dressed, and they’re first time seeing the world. I love those tiny little clothes! I love these sweet, vintagey prints for girls, and this little number for boys.

The Car Seat. This won’t be in your bag, per se, but you’ve gotta have it to leave. After my pre-term labor scares, we left ours in the car for the last two months I was pregnant, just in case. Always better to be prepared, but if you live close enough to get it easily, just make sure your husband knows how to install it, or have the base already installed.

What I brought the first time that I won’t bring again:

Baby Book. I wanted to get his footprints right in the baby book, but the labor and delivery nurses told me that the staff nurses would do it, and the staff nurses told me they didn’t do it. They did do them in labor and delivery, just on a pretty take home certificate, so I do have them, and I just put that in the book. I didn’t have time/energy to write in anything in it in the hospital, so it ended up being forgotten about and taking up lots of bulky space in my bag. Next time, I’ll just leave it at home.

Nursing Pads. Most people’s milk doesn’t come in in the hospital, and if it does, your Lactation Consultant should have free samples of them, you just have to ask.

Detailed list of what to bring to the hospital baby what not to bring

Lyndsey’s baby shower


Baby-Shower-Chalkboard, baby shower chalkboard, baby shower girl, baby shower countdown, chalkboard,

I had the honor of helping host one of my best friend’s baby shower last weekend. My best friend Lyndsey, and owner of Winsome Jones is the most adorable pregnant lady, and I can’t wait to meet her little girl. She’ll be just a pretty as her mom. For Lyndsey’s shower, we went with a pink and gold theme, and just over-all girly. No one has had a girl around here in a long time and I think we were all excited to be able to buy pink and ruffles!

smash book guest book baby shower guest book Book

Guest had their picture taken and wrote advice for the mama-to-be in the guest book. We also wrote the gifts list in there and I put all of the pictures from the shower in for her to keep as a little scrapbook from the shower. The book I used is made by SMASHbook, I got it at Michaels.

FoodShower ice cream bluebell

baby shower instagram hashtag crose party of three shower gamesShowerBaby Shower Princess Cakes Ikea

The food was amazing, these princess cakes from Ikea were to die for.

baby shower girl pink headband stationShower headband station finished headbands tree

We had a headband station set-up where guest could make cute headbands for the baby girl to wear when she comes. We bought a pre-made kit from Etsy.

ruffle baby shower pregnant momma 33 weeksgift decorations baby shower girl gold pink glitter tissue BabyShowerbaby shower guest girl group picturePregnant

Lyndsey and I are only due two days apart! So excited to raise our babies together!

Modern Birth Announcements

Blame it on my love of snail mail, but I have already been picking out baby boy’s birth announcements. I love getting pictures of my friends and family’s sweet babies in the mail, even if I’ve already seen them on facebook and instagram a million times. If you send me a birth announcement, you child is guaranteed a spot on my fridge for a long, long time. Not everyone sends paper birth announcements anymore, but I love mail and tend to run on the traditional side so we definitely will be (I’ll take any excuse to send someone a letter in the mail). Here are some of my favorites that I’ve seen lately.  I’m loving clean, contemporary lines, and modern graphics. Links to each announcement are at the bottom!


Sources: Geometric Birth Announcement / Sweet Splash Announcement / Infographic Announcement / Fancy Type Announcement / Watercolor Bunting AnnouncementModern Way Announcement / Little Contender Announcement / Geometric Birth Announcement / Floral Birth Announcement

Vintage maternity style

Boho Maternity Mama

31 weeks this week and feeling like 39. It’s amazing how you feel like you can’t possibly get any bigger, and yet, you do, at frighteningly rapid rates. My sweet ten year old niece and aspiring photographer took these pictures of me when we were shopping in Downtown Senoia over the weekend. She reminds me so much of myself at her age, it’s uncanny.

31 WeeksDSC_9209 - CopyanotherFringe Moccasins

Dressing in the third trimester when it’s hot out can be hard. Things are already starting to all feel too tight, and if I could wear sweats all day and look socially acceptably I probably would. It is fun to take the time to get presentable looking, though, and join regular society for an afternoon. These moccasins were my birthday present to myself. I finally jumped at buying them while they were on sale and have loved them. I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere without wearing them since they came. This skirt I got at the goodwill over a year ago and just hadn’t found the right outfit to keep it from looking too 90’s. Apparently being 7 months pregnant was just what I needed to complete the look.

Top: Forever 21
Undershirt: Shade Maternity (no longer open, but these are the BEST maternity basics, you can still find some on eBay.)
Skirt: Goodwill
Boots: Spool No. 72
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Goodwill