Vintage Dress

Today was one of those throw on an outfit as fast as you can and get out the door kind of days. For me, at times, that may mean throwing on sweats and a t-shirt and looking and feeling junky all day, but one thing I’ve learned is, it takes just as long to put on a cute outfit as it does an ugly one. This outfit is super simple, easy to throw on, comfy, and looks like I showed some effort to get dressed. We went walking on the boardwalk, which is this neat path they’ve built through the woods that you can walk down and there’s areas to fish or picnic, or just sit. We are taking in as much of this warm, but not too hot weather as we can!

Vintage Dress (2)Vintage Dress (4)Vintage Dress (5)Vintage Dress (3)

Vintage Dress (1)

And so I made this for when I need a little motivation for putting away the sweats and putting on something cute! (that’s a photograph I took of my friend Ashley).


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