Home Sweet Highway

We have been outside so much lately enjoying the beautiful weather. We were camper people for the weekend, which is one of my biggest dreams. I have always wanted to tour America in an RV, staying at KOA’s and little parks all over the county. I want to see the biggest ball of yarn and stop at places like Patty’s 1880 Settlement just for the fun of it. I love campy roadside attractions and overpriced souvenirs. I love riding down endless highways blaring Tammy Wynette and watching shooting stars in the sky at 4 a.m. somewhere in the middle of Colorado. This weekend was just a taste of that, and I hope we get to do it more often because I am hooked. Home Sweet Highway.

DSC_0960 - Copy

We also went last week to this awesome rescue park for animals that isn’t too far from home. They have tigers, a lion, bears, wolves, monkeys, birds, buffalo, and tons more. It’s a really neat place, that stays open solely on donations, and most of the workers are volunteers. We try to support places like this as often as possible, and next time we come, we want to try and bring some of the things off of their wish list for the animals.DSC_0606DSC_0621DSC_0651DSC_0689DSC_0702

We’ve also been to the park a million times, on lots of golf cart rides, and played in the back yard lots. I love to lay a blanket in the back yard while Sawyer explores the grass around me. Right now I’m sitting by an open window while the crickets play outside- I love spring.

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  1. Okay, I started laughing reading this post. I have seen the biggest ball of twine in Kansas…and it smelled really bad (the twine had begun rotting). Patti’s 1880 settlement is very close to where my family moved when I was little. It isn’t very big and it is more of a place to spend money than read historical markers really, but the lake there is really nice. The food at the restaurant is great though and that is where my date took me to prom one year 🙂

    1. That’s funny, I’m glad someone got the irony in all my cheesy places I like to stop 🙂 My husband and I went to Patti’s 1880 settlement two years ago. We didn’t even get to eat, it was all closed for the winter but we chased their chickens for a bit as a break from the car haha. We also stopped by Mineral Mound just a few miles earlier down the road. We though all brown signs meant awesome scenic drives- lesson learned hahaha

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