Senoia, Georgia

The other day we spent the afternoon in downtown Senoia,  A.K.A. Woodbury. Yup, for those Walking Dead fans, it is also the set for the Walking Dead. So nine out of twelve months of the year, it is a sweet little old town that isn’t too busy, and the other three they don’t mow the grass, and it is over-run with Zombies and film crews. I always get a kick out of all the people taking pictures with the famous scenery, and then find myself doing it too. I’m just now discovering all of the little cute shops down there and all there is to see. If you ever visit Senoia, shop at Ms. Wendy’s Antiques, it’s the cutest little antique store with the best finds and the sweetest people running it, eat at Redneck Gourmet,  my favorite fried chicken joint in Coweta county, and sightsee at all of the Walking Dead scenes and backdrops!


This was the only photo I took of my outfit. I didn’t really how awkward it was until I got home- sorry! It is staying here solely for informational purposes. ha.

What We Wore:

Blouse: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy
Undershirt: Shade
Shoes: Bealls

Polo: hand me down from his cousin
Shorts: Carters

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